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Wastewater Quality Monitoring and Treatment




The issue of water quality monitoring is becoming a huge area as the EU requirements for cleaner water increase. On-line monitoring involves measuring a body of water constantly and in-situ as opposed to analysing samples in the lab. Currently filling the gap in the market, Wastewater Quality Monitoring: On-line Methods provides information on how to produce the best analyses of wastewater in order to meet the above mentioned requirements.

This reference will prove invaluable to all local water companies, industrial companies producing wastewater, as well as environment agencies and researchers.

Series Preface vii

Preface ix

List of Contributors xi

1.1 Wastewater Regulation 1
Violeta Vinceviciene

1.2 Sampling Assistance 23
Olivier Thomas

1.3 Standard Methodologies 35
Estelle Dupuit

1.4 Alternative Methods 53
Olivier Thomas

1.5 Biosensors and Biological Monitoring for Assessing Water Quality 67
Carmen Rebollo, Juan Azcárate and Yolanda Madrid

1.6 Reference Materials 83
Philippe Quevauviller, Christian Dietz and Carmen Cámara

2.1 Sewers (Characterization and Evolution of Sewage) 111
Olivier Thomas and Marie-Florence Pouet

2.2 Sewer Flow Measurement 119
Charles S. Melching

2.3 Monitoring in Rural Areas 145
Ann van Griensven and Véronique Vandenberghe

3.1 Elements of Modelling and Control of Urban Wastewater Treatment Systems 161
Olivier Potier and Marie-Noëlle Pons

3.2 Treatability Evaluation 179
Gianni Andreottola and Paola Foladori

3.3 Toxicity Evaluation 203
Martijn Devisscher, Chris Thoeye, Greet De Gueldre and Boudewijn Van De Steene

3.4 Nutrient Control 219
Victor Cerdà and José M. Estela

4.1 State Estimation for Wastewater Treatment Processes 247
Olivier Bernard, Benoît Chachuat and Jean-Philippe Steyer

4.2 IndustrialWastewater Quality Monitoring 265
Olivier Thomas and Marie-Florence Pouet

5.1 Quality Survey of Wastewater Discharges 275
Marie-Florence Pouet, Geneviève Marcoux and Olivier Thomas

5.2 Monitoring for Water Quality Modelling 289
Véronique Vandenberghe, Ann van Griensven and Peter Vanrolleghem

5.3 Discharges in Sensitive Receiving Waters 311
Giuliano Ziglio, Marco Vian and Claudia Lasagna

5.4 Water Reuse 329
Davide Bixio, Thomas Wintgens, Aldo Ravazzini, Chris Thoeye, Haim Cikurel, Av Aharoni, Jaap De Koning and Thomas Melin

6.1 Collecting and Merging Data from Widespread and Disparate Sources 351
Michael J. Scott

6.2 Training 377
Jean-Luc Cécile and Evelyne Touraud

Index 385