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Water Quality: Management of a Natural Resource



Water Quality: Management of a Natural Resource

Jim Perry, Elizabeth Leigh Vanderklein

ISBN: 978-0-865-42469-2 October 1996 Wiley-Blackwell 656 Pages


Once a purely technical sub-discipline of hydrology, water quality management is now a social and political discipline, with concerns ranging from ensuring adequate health standards to preserving biological diversity and ecosystem integrity. This book goes beyond the technical manuals and specialty publications to provide support and guidance for the everyday decisions made by water-quality managers. Water Quality: Management of a Natural Resource addresses the rarely touched upon social, biophysical, land-use and policy considerations, which reflect the issues that confront managers and decision-makers. In a series of incisive reviews, experts address key topics in modern water resource management and case studies illustrate the successes and failures of past management efforts. Water Quality: Management of a Natural Resource develops and presents a management view requiring an awareness of: the social context of management, new ecological theories, and how policy is implemented in different situations and countries.

Preface vii

Acknowledgements xiii

1 Water quality management: an evolving field for changing values 1

2 History of water quality management: the problem and its science 29

3 Attitudes, goals, and management strategies 45

4 Global water resources and how they are used: the expression of goals and objectives 61

5 Developing standards from the traditions of toxicology 79

6 classification and environmental quality assessment: the search for ecologically accurate aquatic metrics 107

7 The role of scale issues in water quality management 127

8 Water and the hydrologic cycle 143

9 rivers and streams: one-way flow systems 159

10 Groundwater and water quality: water to live on 183

11 Coastal zone water quality management 207

12 Lakes and water quality impacts 229

13 Wetlands: productive, vital, cleansing, and threatened 249

14 Structuring water management goals by ecological level 267

15 Responses to stress at the ecosystem, community, population, and individual levels 287

16 Regionalization in natural resource management: Ecoregions 305

17 Effects of land use on water quality 321

18 Management of water quality in a forested landscape 345

19 Management of water quality in an agricultural landscape 371

20 Management of water quality in an urban landscape 397

21 Special issue: cultural eutrophication 425

22 Special issue: acidification of fresh water resources 445

23 Special issue: global change: a proactive management challenge 465

24 Special issue: exotics: a special biological pollutant 487

25 Cultural dimensions of water quality policy 511

26 Paradigms in motion: integrated approaches to water quality policy 535

27 Decision making in practice: case studies 561

Literature Cited and References 589

Index 607

* provides support and guidance for water quality managers * experts address topics in water resource management * case studies illustrate past management efforts