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Water Wells: Implementation, Maintenance and Restoration

Water Wells: Implementation, Maintenance and Restoration

Michel Detay

ISBN: 978-0-471-96695-1

Jul 1997

394 pages

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This book brings together material essential for the understanding and application of techniques used in relation to water wells. Adopting a practical approach, emphasis is put on field-based trials and effective implementation. The basic concepts of hydrogeology are presented, explaining the fundamentals of subsurface hydraulics. This is supplemented by the main exploration methods used in hydrogeology, the criteria for developing groundwater resources and the main principles of water chemistry. A detailed description of the various drilling techniques is given, and each stage in the design and construction of water wells is set out. Numerous practical examples are included. Database management tools providing techniques for the monitoring and storing of information are described.
Preface xi

Chapter 1 Basic Concepts of Hydrogeology 1

Chapter 2 Well Design and Construction 53

Chapter 3 Well Hydraulics 103

Chapter 4 Supervision and Final Acceptance Tests 159

Chapter 5 Water Well Protection 189

Chapter 6 Water Well Management 203

Chapter 7 Restoration of Water Wells 267

Chapter 8 Management Tools 313

Chapter 9 Conclusion 329

Chapter 10 Bibliography 333

Appendices 353

Glossary 357

Index 375