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Water in Biomaterials Surface Science



Water in Biomaterials Surface Science

Marco Morra (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-49041-8 August 2001 408 Pages


Presents the latest ideas and research on molecular hydration and hydration forces, and how they determine the interaction between water molecules and biomaterials surfaces. Consisting of three sections; theoretical aspects, analytical aspects and practical applications, it begins by placing the properties of water in a proper molecular perspective.

The analytical aspects and practical applications offer a complete overview with new insights into the biomaterials/water interface by:

- Discussing the latest approaches to the characterisation of water at interfaces and surface modification of biomaterials

- Examining the problems related to the understanding and characterisation of interfacial water

- Providing new perspectives of the interfacial interactions between materials and the physiological aqueous environment

An invaluable resource for researchers in biomaterials surface science and the biotechnology industry.

Contributors vii

Introduction ix
M. Morra

Theoretical Aspects 1

1 Biological Properties of Water 3
E. A. Vogler

2 Theoretical and Computational Methods of Biomolecular Hydration 25
A. E. Garcia

3 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Carbohydrate – Water Interactions 53
S. B. Engelsen

4 Statistical Thermodynamics of Fluids with Orientation-Dependent Properties and its Application to Water at Interfaces 91
N.A.M. Besseling

5 Solvation Interactions for Protein Adsorption to Biomaterial Surfaces 127
J. H. Lee, T. Li and K. Park

Analytical Aspects 147

6 On the Origin of Water Wetting Terminology 149
E. A. Volger

7 The Evaluation of Electron-Donor and Electron-Acceptor Properties and their Role in the Interaction of Solid Surfaces with Water 183
C Della Volpe and S. Siboni

8 Vibrational Spectroscopy for Water at Interfaces 215
Y. R. Shen

9 Atomic Force Microscope Analysis of Water-Mediated Interfacial Interactions 245
H. J. Butt and V. Franz

Practical Applications 267

10 How Water Wets Biomaterial Surfaces 269
E. A. Vogler

11 Super-Hydrophilic Surfaces for Biomedical Applications 291
Y. Ikada

12 Poly(ethylene oxide) Coated Surfaces 307
M. Morra

13 The Role of Water in the Surface Properties of Phospholipid Polymers 333
K. Ishihara

14 Hydrophilic Polysaccharides Coatings 353
M. Morra and C. Cassinelli

Index 389

"This would be a valuable book. UK reviewer", , , #"This is novel subject for a book.......there is certainly nothing like it out there. Dr Morra is an outstanding thinker. US reviewer", , , #"I think the title is a very timely one. Scandinavian reviewer", , , #