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Weather For Dummies



Weather For Dummies

John D. Cox

ISBN: 978-0-764-55243-4 October 2000 384 Pages

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What’s going on up there when the rain falls, when the wind blows, when the clouds roll in and the lightning flashes? How do hurricanes arise and where to tornadoes come from? Why do seasonal conditions sometimes vary so much from one year to the next? Our ways of life, our very existences depend on knowing the answers to questions like these. Economies have been wiped out, civilizations have risen and fallen, entire species have come into being or gone extinct because of a temperature shift of just a few degrees, or a brief shortage or glut of rainfall. With so much riding on the weather, it makes you wonder how you’ve lived this long without knowing more about it.

Don’t worry it’s never too late to find out about what makes the weather tick.

And there’s never been an easier or more enjoyable way to learn than Weather For Dummies. In know time, you’ll know enough of weather basics to be able to:

  • Identify cloud types
  • Make sense of seasonal differences in the weather
  • Understand what causes hurricanes, tornadoes, and other extreme events
  • Make your own weather forecasts
  • Avoid danger during severe weather
  • Understand the global warming debate
  • Get a handle on smog, the greenhouse effect, El Niño, and more

Award-winning science writer John D. Cox brings the science of meteorology down to earth and, with the help of dozens of cool maps and charts and stunning photographs of weather conditions, he covers a wide range of fascinating subjects, including:

  • What is weather and how it fits into the entire global ecosystem
  • What goes into making a professional daily weather forecast
  • The basic elements of weather, including air pressure, clouds, and humidity
  • Storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, monsoons, and other extreme forms of weather
  • Seasonal weather effects and why they vary
  • Lightening, rainbows, sundogs, haloes, and other special effects

Featuring clear explanations, stunning illustrations, and fun, easy experiments and activities you can do at home , Weather For Dummies is your guide to making sense of  the baffling turmoil of the ever-changing skies above.


PART I: What in the World Is Weather?

Chapter 1: Forecasts and Forecasting.

Chapter 2: Behind the Air Wars.

Chapter 3: Land, Sea, and Precipitation: Is This Any Way to Run a Planet?

PART II: Braving the Elements.

Chapter 4: Blowing in the Winds.

Chapter 5: Getting Cirrus.

Chapter 6: Climate Is What You Expect;
Weather Is What You Get.

Chapter 7: The Greatest Storms on Earth.

PART III: Some Seasonable Explanations.

Chapter 8: The Ways of Winter.

Chapter 9: Twists and Turns of Spring.

Chapter 10: Extremely Summer.

Chapter 11: Falling for Autumn.

PART IV: The Special Effects.

Chapter 12: Taking Care of the Air.

Chapter 13: Up in the Sky! Look!

Chapter 14: Try This at Home.

PART V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 15: Ten (Or So) Biggest U.S. Weather Disasters of the 20th Century.

Chapter 16: Ten (Or So) Worst World Weather Disasters of the 20th Century.

Chapter 17: Ten Crafty Critters.

Chapter 18: Ten Grand Old Weather Proverbs.

Appendix: Internet Resource Directory.


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