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Web Commerce Security: Design and Development

Web Commerce Security: Design and Development

Hadi Nahari, Ronald L. Krutz

ISBN: 978-1-118-09891-2

May 2011

504 pages



A top-level security guru for both eBay and PayPal and a best-selling information systems security author show how to design and develop secure Web commerce systems.

Whether it's online banking or ordering merchandise using your cell phone, the world of online commerce requires a high degree of security to protect you during transactions. This book not only explores all critical security issues associated with both e-commerce and mobile commerce (m-commerce), it is also a technical manual for how to create a secure system. Covering all the technical bases, this book provides the detail that developers, system architects, and system integrators need to design and implement secure, user-friendly, online commerce systems.

  • Co-authored by Hadi Nahari, one of the world’s most renowned experts in Web commerce security;  he is currently the Principal Security, Mobile and DevicesArchitect at eBay, focusing on the architecture and implementation of eBay and PayPal mobile
  • Co-authored by Dr. Ronald Krutz; information system security lecturer and co-author of the best-selling Wiley CISSP Prep Guide Series
  • Shows how to architect and implement user-friendly security for e-commerce and especially, mobile commerce
  • Covers the fundamentals of designing infrastructures with high availability, large transactional capacity, and scalability
  • Includes topics such as understanding payment technologies and how to identify weak security, and how to augment it.

Get the essential information you need on Web commerce security—as well as actual design techniques—in this expert guide.

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Foreword by John Donahoe xxi

Foreword by Scott Thompson xxiii

Introduction xxv

Part I Overview of Commerce 1

Chapter 1 Internet Era: E-Commerce 3

Chapter 2 Mobile Commerce 41

Chapter 3 Important “Ilities” in Web Commerce Security 77

Chapter 4 E-Commerce Basics 109

Chapter 5 Building Blocks: Your Tools 119

Chapter 6 System Components: What You Should Implement 193

Chapter 7 Trust but Verify: Checking Security 245

Chapter 8 Threats and Attacks: What Your Adversaries Do 267

Chapter 9 Certification: Your Assurance 293

Appendix A Computing Fundamentals 331

Appendix B Standardization and Regulatory Bodies 365

Appendix C Glossary of Terms 385

Appendix D Bibliography 449

Index 457