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Web Design: The L Line, The Express Line to Learning

Web Design: The L Line, The Express Line to Learning

Sue Jenkins

ISBN: 978-0-470-09628-4

Feb 2007

547 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Get on the fast track to creating your own Web site

Want to create a compelling Web site for a home business, family, or fun? Whether you're a student, aspiring designer, or entrepreneur, you can -- with Dreamweaver(r) and this easy-to-follow guide. Gain solid skills as you go from station to station in a series of clear-cut tutorials that cover site planning, registering a domain, formatting, and more. The last stop? Put your new site online and go live! Start your journey today on The L Line.
* Define your goals and create a site plan
* Learn the best ways to combine HTML and Cascading Style Sheets
* Use layers, create forms, and make the site interactive
* Master Web standards and the latest search engine optimization techniques

All aboard for valuable online extras

Visit The L Line Web site at for valuable online supplementary materials:
* Test bank with challenging review questions
* PowerPoint slides with chapter outlines
* Images and Web page files from the book
* Practice exam answers
* A CSS reference guide

Along The L Line
* Complete tutorial coverage with step-by-step instruction
* Ample illustrations and examples
* Real-world case studies, applications, and hints for avoiding pitfalls
* Practice exams that let you evaluate your progress

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Preface xvii

Chapter 1: Starting with a Plan 1

Chapter 2: Defining Your Audience 33

Chapter 3: Pulling Together the Content 55

Chapter 4: Choosing Development Tools and Techniques 77

Chapter 5: Registering a Domain and Getting a Hosting Plan 103

Chapter 6: Defining the Site’s Look and Feel 127

Chapter 7: Mocking Up the Design 149

Chapter 8: Optimizing Graphics 177

Chapter 9: Working with Web Standards (HTML/XHTML/CSS/508) 209

Chapter 10: Using Search Engine Optimization Techniques 237

Chapter 11: Building Basic Pages 261

Chapter 12: Page Formatting with CSS 303

Chapter 13: Creating Navigation Systems 329

Chapter 14: Layers- versus Tables-based Layouts 359

Chapter 15: Using Templates and Server-Side Includes (SSIs) 383

Chapter 16: Creating Forms 405

Chapter 17: Making the Site Interactive 427

Chapter 18: Testing, Testing, Testing 457

Chapter 19: Code Validation and Compliance 481

Chapter 20: Taking the Site to the Web 499

Appendix A: CSS Attributes A–1

Appendix B: Exam Answer Appendix B–1

Index 521

  • Series features include: Chapter objectives, Pre-Assessment exercises, Terminology overview, Case Studies/real-world applications sidebars, Topic pitfalls, Review Questions, Practice exams.
  • The L Line uses the universally recognized motif and symbols of a subway map, professional design and ample figures to guide readers through the start to finish lessons of Web design.
  • Online components include test databases and question and answer sessions.
  • Topics are tied to emerging multidisciplinary topics that enable readers to master critical career-enhancing and marketable skills.
  • Real World Approach: Guides students interested in gaining professional-level design skills by evaluating current knowledge, learning skills taught in schools, and testing knowledge against real-world examples.
  • WRITTEN BY AN EXPERIENCED DESIGN PROFESSIONAL: Sue Jenkins splits her time between running her own design firm and teaching a new crop of designers how to use Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
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