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Web Metrics: Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success

Web Metrics: Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success

Jim Sterne

ISBN: 978-0-471-22072-5

Jul 2002

448 pages

Select type: Paperback

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There now exists a wealth of tools and techniques that can determine if and how a Web site is providing business value to its owners. This book is a survey of those metrics and is as important to IT executives as it is to marketing professionals.
  • Jim Sterne is recognized worldwide as a leading Internet business expert and is the author of several Wiley books, including WWW Marketing, Third Edition (0-471-41621-5)
  • Explains the criteria for building a successful site, surveying the tools, services, techniques, and standards for Web measurement, and fully integrating those metrics with the customer experience
  • Companion Web site contains links to online tools, resources, and white papers

Acknowledgments xv

About the Author xvii

Chapter 1 The Web Is Great: Get Over It, Get On with It 1

Chapter 2 Measuring Measurement 21

Chapter 3 Raising the Flag, Convincing the Boss 31

Chapter 4 Web Measurement Standards 53

Chapter 5 Sawing Logs 67

Chapter 6 How Good Are You at Making Noise? 89

Chapter 7 How Good Are You at Buying Noise? 107

Chapter 8 Measuring Web Site Performance: The Need for Speed 153

Chapter 9 Calculating the Caliber of Content 161

Chapter 10 Well-Marked Trails: Measuring Web Site Navigation 179

Chapter 11 Calculating Conversion 213

Chapter 12 Maximizing Customer Information: The Personalization Continuum 259

Chapter 13 Measuring the Value of Online Customer Service 311

Chapter 14 Field Studies 339

Chapter 15 Making It Work by Bringing It All Together 377

Appendix How Interactive Ads Are Delivered and Measurement

Implication 407

Index 415

"...A great book which actually manages to make a boring subject worth reading about..." (Internet News Bulletin, 18 September 2002)

"...if the book had been published earlier, perhaps there would have been less fallout from the bubble bursting..." (www. Suchmaschinen Optimierung (German), 17 September 2002)

"...innovative...provides you with everything you need to know to measure your online business strategy..." (www. Software Pro, 18 September 2002)

"...a useful book...useful to anyone in web development..." (Computer Bulletin, May 2003)

"...if you have lots of money and lots of staff, I would recommend you get this book..." (Cvu, June 2003)

"...the content is solid and valuable...a book worth buying..." (Performance Measurement and Metrics, August 03)

Companion Site

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