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WebKit For Dummies

WebKit For Dummies

Chris Minnick

ISBN: 978-1-118-12720-9

Feb 2012

408 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Get up to speed on the engine that powers Safari and Google Chrome

What do the web browsers on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Kindle, and Nokia have in common with Google Chrome and Apple Safari? WebKit powers them all. This guide shows you how to create web sites and mobile web apps using WebKit. Learn to use all the developer tools, the latest web standards, and WebKit's unique styles and functions to create appealing, interactive sites for mobile and desktop display.

Explores how WebKit supports HTML5 and CSS3, providing a large toolkit for creating faster and better mobile web sites

  • Explains how to create web pages for both mobile and desktop display using WebKit
  • Covers acquiring and installing the developer tools, building web pages, debugging and deploying them, and taking advantage of WebKit functions to create faster, more appealing, and more interactive sites

With mobile devices proliferating at a rapid rate, there's never been a better time to learn all about the engine that powers the leading mobile browser. WebKit For Dummies teaches you to create web pages that make the most of everything WebKit has to offer.

Introduction 1

Part I: Introducing WebKit 7

Chapter 1: Opening for Business 9

Chapter 2: Configuring WebKit 33

Part II: Your First Mobile Web App 61

Chapter 3: Building Your First Mobile Web App 63

Chapter 4: jQuery Mobile 87

Chapter 5: Testing and Debugging  109

Chapter 6: Flying Solo 131

Part III: Mobile Web Fundamentals 141

Chapter 7: Web versus Native 143

Chapter 8: Mobile Web App Design 155

Chapter 9: HTML5 167

Chapter 10: CSS3 183

Chapter 11: Scripting with JavaScript 199

Part IV: Optimizing Your Apps 221

Chapter 12: Optimizing for iOS 223

Chapter 13: Optimizing for Android 235

Chapter 14: Optimizing for BlackBerry 245

Chapter 15: Optimizing for webOS 255

Chapter 16: Optimizing for Performance 263

Part V: Advanced Topics 273

Chapter 17: Converting from Web to Native 275

Chapter 18: Accessing Phone Features 285

Chapter 19: Graphics and Animation 303

Chapter 20: The Future of WebKit and HTML5 327

Part VI: The Part of Tens 339

Chapter 21: Ten Cool WebKit Tricks 341

Chapter 22: Ten Amazing HTML5 Demos 351

Chapter 23: Ten Useful Safari Extensions 361

Index 369

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