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Webster's New WorldTM Pocket Spanish Dictionary: 2008 Edition, Fully Revised and Updated

Webster's New WorldTM Pocket Spanish Dictionary: 2008 Edition, Fully Revised and Updated


ISBN: 978-0-470-17823-2

May 2008

448 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This popular pocket Spanish dictionary has now been updated to include new terms as well as five new practical sections on making phone calls, expressing date and time, making introductions, expressing opinions, making suggestions, and extending invitations. This edition also gives you access to free audio downloads with pronunciations of key verbs in all conjugations. Small enough to throw in a backpack or a purse and vinyl-bound for increased durability, this pocket dictionary is perfect for school, work, or travel.

Guide to Pronunciation of Spanish.


Spanish - English Dictionary / Diccionario Español - Inglés.

Spanish Verbs.

Verbos irregulares ingleses.

Countries and Regions / Países y regiones.

English  - Spanish Dictionary / Diccionario Inglés - Español.

1. hablar.mp3 Download
5. ser.mp3 Download
4. haber.wav Download
4. haber.mp3 Download
3. vivir.wav Download
25. venir.wav Download
3. vivir.mp3 Download
25. venir.mp3 Download
24. tener.wav Download
24. tener.mp3 Download
23. sentir.wav Download
23. sentir.mp3 Download
22. saber.wav Download
22. saber.mp3 Download
21. querer.wav Download
21. querer.mp3 Download
20. poner.wav Download
2. comer.wav Download
20. poner.mp3 Download
19. poder.wav Download
19. poder.mp3 Download
18. pedir.wav Download
18. pedir.mp3 Download
17. mover.wav Download
17. mover.mp3 Download
16. leer.wav Download
16. leer.mp3 Download
15. ir.wav Download
2. comer.mp3 Download
15. ir.mp3 Download
14. hacer.wav Download
14. hacer.mp3 Download
13. estar.wav Download
13. estar.mp3 Download
12. decir.wav Download
12. decir.mp3 Download
11. dar.wav Download
11. dar.mp3 Download
10. conocer.wav Download
1. hablar.wav Download
10. conocer.mp3 Download
9. colgar.wav Download
9. colgar.mp3 Download
8. caer.wav Download
8. caer.mp3 Download
7. caber.wav Download
7. caber.mp3 Download
6. andar.wav Download
6. andar.mp3 Download
5. ser.wav Download