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Wetland Ecosystems


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New focused text introduces readers to wetland ecosystems and systems approaches to studying wetlands

With its comprehensive coverage of wetland science, management, and restoration, Mitsch and Gosselink's Wetlands has been the premier reference on wetlands for more than two decades. Now, the coverage of specific wetland ecosystem types from earlier editions of this acclaimed work has been updated, revised, and supplemented with additional content in order to create this new text focusing exclusively on wetland ecosystems. This book now complements Wetlands, Fourth Edition.

Following an introduction to ecosystems in general and wetland ecosystems in particular, Wetland Ecosystems examines the major types of wetlands found throughout the world: coastal wetlands, freshwater marshes and forested swamps, and peatlands. The final chapter reviews three fundamental systems approaches to studying wetlands: mesocosms, full-scale experimental ecosystems, and mathematical modeling.

This new text features:

  • Updated descriptions of the hydrology, biogeochemistry, and biology of the main types of wetlands found in the world
  • New content introducing general ecosystems, wetland ecosystems, whole ecosystem and mesocosm experiments with wetlands, and systems ecology and modeling

  • A detailed description of the ecosystem services provided by wetlands

  • A broad international scope, including many examples of wetlands located outside North America

  • Two new coauthors offering new perspectives and additional insights into the latest ecosystem and modeling techniques

An abundance of illustrations helps readers understand how different biological communities and the abiotic environment in wetland ecosystems interact and function. Tables and text boxes provide at-a-glance summaries of key information. Lastly, each chapter concludes with a list of recommended readings.

This text has been designed as an introduction for students and professionals in wetland ecology and management, general ecology, environmental science, and natural resource management.

Preface v

1 Introduction 1

Wetland Ecosystems 2

Wetland Ecosystems Services 13

Role of This Book 17

2 Coastal Wetlands 19

Tidal Salt Marshes 22

Tidal Freshwater Wetlands 45

Mangrove Wetlands 61

3 Freshwater Swamps and Marshes 87

Freshwater Swamps 90

Freshwater Marshes 118

4 Peatlands 149

Geographical Extent 151

Hydrology and Peatland Development 153

Biogeochemistry 163

Vegetation 166

Consumers 174

Ecosystem Function 175

5 Ecosystem Approaches to Wetland Science 189

Mesocosms 190

Whole-Ecosystem Experimental Wetlands 204

Mathematical Models 217

Conclusions 234

Appendix A Odum Energy Language Symbols 237

References 239

General Index 279

Organism Index 285