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What's Stopping You?: Why Smart People Don't Always Reach Their Potential and How You Can

What's Stopping You?: Why Smart People Don't Always Reach Their Potential and How You Can

Robert Kelsey, Luke Johnson (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-857-08180-3

May 2011, Capstone

240 pages


"This personal witty and insightful book teaches us about the fears that drive failure and the self-awareness that can help us navigate it. The great point about this book is that it is both philosophical with regards the nature of fear and its impact on achievement, and practical. For those that may be paralysed by a fear of failure, it offers a way through."
—Luke Johnson, serial entrepreneur, Financial Times columnist and Chairman of the RSA

"This powerful, insightful book shows you how to unlock your unconscious brakes and step on the acceleration of your true potential!"
—Brian Tracy, author of Maximum Achievement

"Kelsey offers a successful and eloquent analysis of fear of failure as a mass condition in the modern world, and one we ignore at our peril."
—Donald Kirkpatrick, psychoanalyst and a founder of the London Association for Counselling and Psychoanalysis

Do fear and doubt hinder your progress in life? Are you paralyzed at key moments by your insecurities?

Millions of smart people are held back from achieving their potential by a fear of failure. Many of them don't even realize that this recognized condition is limiting their progress.

What's Stopping You? offers no quick-fix solution. Why? Because the key to unlocking you potential for success lies in understanding the root causes of the fears and insecurities that hold you back and in accepting who you are, rather than trying to become someone you are not.

Based on extensive research, recognized science and stark reality, this book will help you navigate the barriers that hold you back: at work, with people and in life.

"Robert Kelsey has combined thorough research, careful thought and the lessons of his own experience to produce a valuable, original and eminently readable book. I can strongly recommend it to anyone whose progress has been impeded by fear of failure."
—John Caunt, author of Boost Your Self-esteem

"Confidence is the ultimate secret weapon of any successful entrepreneur. If Robert's book can help you find yours then it will be worth its weight in gold."
—Rachel Bridge, author of How I Made It

Foreword by Luke Johnson vii

Introduction 1

Part One – What is Stopping You? 9

1 Fear 11

2 Neural Hijackings and External Responses 24

3 Failure as a Positive Experience 37

4 Producing Better Responses 46

Part Two – Goals 51

5 Act 53

6 Visualization 60

7 Language and Behaviour 73

8 Appropriate Goal-Setting for Recovering High-FFs 82

Part Three – Execution 91

9 Strategy and Tactics 93

10 Judgement and Ideas 106

11 Managing the Process 115

Part Four – People 129

12 Self-esteem 131

13 Dealing with the Boss 142

14 Progress as an Employee 150

15 Networking and Interviews 158

16 Leadership 168

Part Five – Me Inc. 183

17 The High-FF Entrepreneur 185

18 Funding, Bootstrapping and Partnerships 192

Conclusion – The Point of Recovery 204

Summary by Donald Kirkpatrick, Psychoanalyst 210

Bibliography 214

Recommended Reading 220

About Robert Kelsey 223

Index 224