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What's Wrong with China

What's Wrong with China

Paul Midler

ISBN: 978-1-119-21371-0

Nov 2017

240 pages

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What’s Wrong with China is the most cogent, insightful and penetrating examination I have read on the paradoxes and self-deceptions of Modern China, written by someone who has lived in the country and dealt with it day to day for decades. This book will be hated by the commissars, because it is a triumph of analysis and good sense. 

I sure wish I’d read this book before heading to China—or Chinatown, for that matter. China runs on an entirely different operating system—both commercial and personal. Midler’s clear, clever analysis and illuminating, often hilarious tales foster not only understanding but respect. 

From the Back Cover

What’s Wrong with China is the widely anticipated follow-up to Paul Midler’s Poorly Made in China, an exposé of China manufacturing practices. Applying a wider lens in this account, he reveals many of the deep problems affecting Chinese society as a whole. Once again, Midler delivers the goods by rejecting commonly held notions, breaking down old myths, and providing fresh explanations of lesser-understood cultural phenomena.

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Chapter 1: The Pirate’s Ship

Chapter 2: A Mania for Money

Chapter 3: The China Watchers

Chapter 4: Blush of Shame

Chapter 5: Beating the System

Chapter 6: Intermediaries

Chapter 7: Dulled Senses

Chapter 8: Emotional Negotiators

Chapter 9: Oliver Wendell Holmes

Chapter 10: Chemicals, Guns and Gimcracks

Chapter 11: Collective Narcissism

Chapter 12: “That’s My Hand”

Chapter 13: Lack of Conscience

Chapter 14: Networked Behaviors

Chapter 15: Tacit Collusion

Chapter 16: Brown Numbers

Chapter 17: Self-Regulating Empire

Chapter 18: Corps De Ballet

Chapter 19: Informal Paradox

Chapter 20: Reform, Reform, Reform

Chapter 21: The Dynastic Cycle

Chapter 22: The Social Order

Chapter 23: Nibble, Nibble…

Chapter 24: Cat’s Paws and Telegraphed Punches

Chapter 25: The Great Absorber

Chapter 26: Cleaning the Slate

Chapter 27: Kleptoparasitism

Chapter 28: The Benefit of Doubt

Chapter 29: Massacred in Business

Chapter 30: Conclusion