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What Business Should I Start?: 7 steps to Discovering the Ideal Business for You

What Business Should I Start?: 7 steps to Discovering the Ideal Business for You

Rhonda Abrams, Paul Barrow

ISBN: 978-1-841-12808-5

Aug 2008, Capstone

384 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Millions of people want to start their own business but don't know what business to start. What Business Should I Start? offers readers seven steps to identifying the right business for them, from determining one's entrepreneurial type with the ""What is your e-Type?"" self-test to exploring the wide range of business options with 23 in-depth analyses and over 400 at-a-glance ideas. The book is packed with worksheets, resources, and insights from the author's rich experience in this field. The style is engaging, upbeat and offers inspiration as well as a step-by-step plan to help would-be entrepreneurs find the business of their dreams.

Praise for the US edition from readers:

“This book is full of information that is helpful in learning about or selecting a business to start. It is broken into seven steps that help readers learn about themselves, their ideas, and a variety of small businesses that may fit with their aspirations. I found the ""popular business categories"" and ""popular individual businesses"" sections to be full of interesting and useful information including details and statistics about the business, references to places to find more information and ideas to help you in starting that type of business. There is also a section on franchises that I found interesting. I'd recommend this book to someone who is looking to start a business but needs help in sorting out their strengths and areas of interest, and to someone who is looking for a great resource of information on about different types of small businesses.”

“I am a retired executive quite mentally alert and keen on doing something useful with the rest of my life. This book is excessively stimulating in pointing out business opportunities, which initially I had not considered. It is probably the book that provides the most in-depth review on the topic. I enjoyed in particular the part that matches your entrepreneurial type with the field of opportunities. This analysis is to my knowledge quite unique and was very useful to me. The info about franchising and franchises is so clearly presented that it denotes on the part of the author a clear, concise intellect. Real life data is most useful and complements a book that is essential to making an informed decision. A must buy.”

Who this book is for?

Foreword: (Scott Cook, founder of Intuit)

About the Authors.


The Seven-Step Process.

Step One: Discover your E-Type™.

What kind of entrepreneur are you?

Uncover your true entrepreneurial personality to find the right kind of business for you. Take the E-Type test.

Special Section: The Nine E-Types.

Step Two: Define your Aspirations.

What do you mean by success?

Get in touch with what you want—clarify your vision of what role your business will play in your life.

Step Three: Identify your Talents and Passions.

What do you build on?

Explore and unlock your interests and abilities. Kindle inspiration for your “Aha!” moment.

Special Section: 463 Business Ideas categorised by Interest Area.

Step Four: Follow in the Footsteps of Success.

What works for others?

Learn where other entrepreneurs find success now—discover the surprising opportunities

Step Five: Explore your Choices.

What’s out there?

Examine the major business sectors, then read about 23 popular small business choices in-depth.

Special Section: Six Popular Business Categories.

Special Section: Reviews of 23 Popular Individual Businesses.

Step Six: Narrow your Niche.

How can you succeed?

Stand out from the competition. Unearth the possibilities for your unique speciality.

Step Seven: Rank, Rate, and Reveal your Business.

Get going!

Finally, it’s time to unveil the best businesses for you. And learn the secrets of turning your idea into success.