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What Cinema Is!: Bazin's Quest and its Charge

What Cinema Is!: Bazin's Quest and its Charge

Dudley Andrew

ISBN: 978-1-444-35741-7 September 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 184 Pages




What Cinema Is! offers an engaging answer to Andre Bazin's famous question, exploring his 'idea of cinema' with a sweeping look back at the near century of Cinema's phenomenal ascendancy.
  • Written by one of the foremost film scholars of our time
  • Establishes cinema's distinction from the current enthusiasm over audio-visual entertainment, without relegating cinema to a single, older mode
  • Examines cinema's institutions and its social force through the qualities of key films
  • Traces the history of an idea that has made cinema supremely alive to (and in) our times

Acknowledgments ix

Prologue: The Target of Film Theory xiii

1 The Camera Searching in the World 1

Is a Camera Essential? 1

The Cahiers Axiom 4

Tracing Bazin’s Trace 11

Images Contested Today 17

2 The Editor’s Discovery of Form 29

Bazin’s Forerunners 31

Documentaries in the Cauldron of History 37

The Cahiers Line 42

Pursuing Cinema in the Twenty-First Century 48

3 The Projector as Spectator’s Searchlight 66

The Power of Projection 69

Opening the Screen’s Dimensions 74

Frame as Threshold 79

Writing out of the Frame 90

4 The Evolution of the Subjects of Cinema 98

Modern Film: Between Classic and Avant-Garde 99

The Ontogeny of Cinema 110

Credits and Auteurs: An Ecology of Adaptation 123

Fidelity: The Economy of Adaptation 129

Index 147