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What Makes Business Rock: Building the World’s Largest Global Networks

What Makes Business Rock: Building the World’s Largest Global Networks

Bill Roedy, Wyclef Jean (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-1-119-20236-3 October 2015 312 Pages


Global business lessons from Bill Roedy, the man who built the world's largest entertainment network

What Makes Business Rock is the compelling story of how Bill Roedy, the Chairman and CEO of MTV International, built the largest international entertainment network in existence, much of the time having to make up answers for questions which had never before been asked.

It's a free-wheeling, rock and rolling tale filled with a fascinating cast of characters including British entrepreneur Robert Maxwell, Rupert Murdoch and Sumner Redstone, Bono, the Pope, and a range of legendary politicians such as Nelson Mandela, Vladimir Putin, and Fidel Castro.

  • An important primer on how to build and manage a business in an environment of continually evolving and developing communications platforms
  • Deals with the cultural demands of countries as diverse as China, Zambia, and Ireland
  • A business book masquerading as the memoir of one of the most important people in the music industry

Entertaining and engaging, What Makes Business Rock offers an up close look at Bill Roedy the person and professional, and uncovers the innovative strategies he used to help make MTV the most successful, and best known, media brand in the world.

Foreword xi

Preface xv

Chapter One Born in the U.S.A. 1

Chapter Two Survivor 37

Chapter Three Money for Nothing 67

Chapter Four Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems 97

Chapter Five Get the Party Started 129

Chapter Six We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions 163

Chapter Seven How to Save a Life 203

Chapter Eight Where Do We Go from Here? 233

Chapter Nine The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning 257

Acknowledgments 265

Index 271