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What Works in Online Day Trading

What Works in Online Day Trading

Mark Etzkorn

ISBN: 978-0-471-37288-2

Apr 2001

304 pages

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Here is a uniquely honest examination of the online day trading concept, the firms that cater to it, and what works online and what doesn't, so that would-be day traders can avoid the pitfalls-and the losses. Discussing trading as a business that most traders conduct without a plan, this book addresses common trading misconceptions, provides realistic answers to critical questions, and features an investigative analysis based on real people who are day trading and the firms they trade at or through-whether through virtual trading rooms, the Internet, or real-time operations.

About the contributors vii

Preface xi

Section One Trading Basics

Chapter 1 A Fool and his Money 3

Chapter 2 The Mechanics of Trading 11

Chapter 3 Online Technology and the New Trading Landscape 38

Chapter 4 Making Markets and Basic Analysis 66

Section Two Trading Strategies

Chapter 5 Pattern-Based Strategies 99

Chapter 6 Market Tendencies and Short-Term Techniques 133

Chapter 7 More Swing Trading, Day Trading, and Options Strategies 166

Section Three Risk Control and Money Management

Chapter 8 Limiting Risk and Maximizing Profit 197

Section Four Traders on Trading

Chapter 9 View from the Front Line: Interviews by Mark Etzkorn 239

Appendix The Paper Trader 279

Index 285