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What Works



What Works

Robert Cornish, Wil Seabrook

ISBN: 978-1-118-41202-2 December 2012 192 Pages

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Two weeks into a recession, business partners Robert Cornish and Wil Seabrook started their company with two people, two laptops, a handshake, and an idea. They ignored the conventional wisdom that was burying their industry and forged their own path. Their mantra? "Do What Works." Only three years later, the company, Richter10.2 Media Group, attained million dollar revenues and over 300 percent growth in one year. Today, it is one of the fastest growing small businesses in America with more than fifty employees, and debt-free, having never borrowed a penny. What Works is the blueprint to Richter's success.

Now more than ever, the old models of how to start, promote, and run a successful business are no longer viable. What Works delivers real, applicable knowledge that will help you to grow your business and create the outcomes that you're striving for. What Works offers critical advice such as:

  • Know Your Public: Focus all sales and marketing efforts only on companies and people that fit the audience you defined in the profile, which will dramatically drive growth as you direct your efforts to the people most likely to do business with you
  • Measure by week and manage by week: Avoid catastrophes that would be hard to correct if you only measure quarterly
  • Say No and Walk Away: Focus on distilling the deals that don't fully align with your goals, purposes, and policies
  • And much more!

What Works offers the opportunity to learn how a couple of successful entrepreneurs did it themselves. Gain an edge by getting inside information that you can put into action today. No fluff, no filler. Only what works.

Preface ix

Introduction xi

Chapter 1 On Sales 1

Care 3

Pipeline Comes before Sales 4

Sales, Selling, and Getting Your People to Sell 5

Saying No and Walking Away 6

The Art of the Follow-up 8

The Sales Team’s Role 9

The Tough Part of Sales 10

Asking 11

Long Sales Pitches 13

If They Were Sold, It Would Be Done 14

Decide for Them 15

Hold Your Position 16

Time to Cut the PR and Hit Them Straight 17

Taking Money Is Good for Them 19

It’s Your Consideration or Theirs 21

Sales Is a Game of Intention 23

Considerations Bog Sales 24

Order Taker versus Salesperson 25

Two Comments on Sales 26

Additional Sales Tips 27

How to Fill Your Day 29

Causative Sales 31

Chapter 2 On Operations 35

A Note on IKEA 37

Fast Decisions Make Time 39

Excitement Fuels a Company 40

Can I? Yes. Should I? No. 42

Time Is Not Your Friend, But Speed Is an Ally 44

Basic Operating Basis Rules 46

Getting into Communication 47

Getting Organized 50

Introductions 51

Speed 53

Client Prediction 55

Chapter 3 On Focus 57

Successful Principles 59

Identifying the Common Denominators 62

Goal Attainment 64

Learn to Hate Butterflies 65

Look 67

Work Ethic (Hustle) 68

Do It Now 70

All Things to All People 71

What Does It Take? 73

Be Focused to Drive Statistics 74

Chapter 4 On Marketing 77

A Lesson from Red Bull 79

Proactive versus Reactive 81

Speaking Human 83

Communicate to Impinge 85

Focus on Help 86

Why Illusions Help Solidify Sales 87

Chapter 5 On Management 89

Increasing Production by Defining What to Do 91

Knowledge and Management 92

Contraction and Expansion 94

Order and Expansion 95

Shed Duties 96

People 97

What Makes a Group 98

Get Rid of Bad Apples 100

Remove Nonproducers off the Line 101

True and Accurate Management 102

Chapter 6 On People 105

Client Needs, Not Wants 107

How to Handle Critical Clients 108

Customers Aren’t Always Right 109

The Best Time to Fire Them Is Before You Hire Them 111

Criticism and Considerations 113

On Being Promoted 114

Chapter 7 On Viewpoint 117

Aim Small, Miss Small 119

Busy or Disorganized 120

Dreams and Goals 123

Focus 124

What You Did Yesterday Doesn’t Matter 125

Second Wind 126

Isn’t It a Sport? 127

Be Honest with Yourself 128

The Buck Stops with You 129

Find Inspiration 130

Staying the Course 130

Dragging Decisions Is Bad Business 132

Adding Time 133

Decision Comes First 134

Doubt 135

Spend More Time Planning 135

Simple Is Smart 136

Write It Down 138

You Have to Love Feeling Causative 139

Pushing Purpose 141

Making Friends 142

Title versus Task 143

Be a Ball Hog 144

Being a Martinet about Neatness 145

Manage Objectives Like LEGO Instructions 146

Why You’re Unique 148

Don’t Get Too Serious 149

Genuine Interest and Care 150

Damn the Torpedoes . . . They’ll Swerve First 151

Money Motivation and Caring about

What You Do with Passion 152

Know Who You Are 155

Push Yourself 156

Conclusion 159

Acknowledgments 163

About the Authors 165