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When Health Care Employees Strike: A Guide for Planning and Action, 2nd Edition



When Health Care Employees Strike: A Guide for Planning and Action, 2nd Edition

Kenneth F. Kruger, Norman Metzger

ISBN: 978-0-787-96100-8 February 2002 Jossey-Bass 176 Pages


This thoroughly revised and updated second edition of When Health Care Employees Strike is an essential survival guide for health care administrators who must plan for and cope with the inevitable labor dispute. Written by Kenneth Kruger and Norman Metzger-- two experts in the field of health care labor relations-- this much-needed resource includes the critical information and useful strategies health care executives must have in order to be properly prepared. The authors provide detailed information on labor law, an analysis of the different types of disputes, advice on how to use mediation effectively, suggestions for assessing manpower needs before a strike occurs, and ideas for preparing contingency plans. In addition to presenting information on ways to prevent strikes, the book also contains a comprehensive step-by-step manual to ensure health care organizations can continue operation during a labor dispute.

Acknowledgements ix

About the Authors xi

Introduction xiii

Part 1 Health Care Strikes: Legal and Moral Implications

1 The Impact of Labor Legislation on the Health Care Industry 3

2 Types of Strikes: Causes and Characteristics 19

3 Strike-Related Actions: Union and Management 29

4 Nursing Strikes: A Breed Apart 45

5 The Future: Proposals for Change 59

Appendix A: Ashtabula General Hospital Nurse Strike Chronology 74

Appendix B: The Use of Interest Arbitration in the Public Sector 81

Part 2 Sample Strike Plan

Strike Planning Committees 95

Human Resource Policies 97

Financial Policies and Procedures 101

Personnel Plan 105

Patient Care Services 110

Food Services 126

Accommodations 128

Engineering and Plant Operations 130

Supplies Subcommittee 136

Security 138

Labor-Employee Relations 141

Morale Committee 142

Communication 145

Index 149