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Where Now for New Labour?

Where Now for New Labour?

Anthony Giddens

ISBN: 978-0-745-62991-9

Feb 2002, Polity

96 pages

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New Labour is back in power - where now? What should the party's agenda be? How should the centre-left react to a changed external world marked by economic downturn, protests against globalization and an unstable international order?

Anthony Giddens argues that to answer these questions, and assess the progress Labour has made, we must take a comparative perspective. Breaking with the insularity that has marked much political debate in the UK, Giddens draws extensively on the experience of social democrats in other countries. All centre-left parties are reacting to common issues and problems that have forced a rethinking of leftist traditions.

Giddens argues that Labour can and should develop a more compelling ideological framework than exists so far, and a clearer view of what kind of society Britain should become. This can only be achieved, however, by building upon the New Labour project, not by returning to policies of the past that quite rightly have been discarded.

Preface vii

Introduction 1

1 New Labour and its Critics 3

2 Myths of the Left 14

3 ‘Third Way, Phase Two’ 29

4 What Kind of Society Should Britain Become? 38

5 The Revival of Public Services 54

6 Internationalism and Globalization 69

7 Conclusion 76

Notes 81

  • Written by Anthony Giddens, who has authored or edited over 30 successful books (The Third Way sold over 30,000 copies)

  • Clearly sets out future directions for New Labour

  • Makes a case for changing the way we think about politics in the UK

  • Encourages a comparative approach to the assessment of New Labour