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Where the Money Grows and Anatomy of the Bubble

Where the Money Grows and Anatomy of the Bubble

Garet Garrett

ISBN: 978-0-471-23898-0

Feb 1998

95 pages

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Hugely popular when it was first published in 1911, and regarded as a classic ever since, Where the Money Grows is an honest, humorous, and richly perceptive tour of Wall Street and its enduring customs, institutions, and characters. The Street, according to author Garet Garrett, is a world populated not only by bulls and bears, but also by "wolves," "hoodoos," and "invisibles." You'll meet them all in this immensely entertaining and revealing book.

Also included is a scintillating article, "Anatomy of the Bubble," originally published in the Saturday Evening Post. In piercing prose, Garrett unmasks the "debt" bubble and displays uncanny prescience. Debt, it would seem, can be every bit as dangerous as manias and other "irrational exuberance.

Foreword vii

Where the Money Grows 1

Before the Opening 3

1 The Hall of Delusions 5

2 Wall Street Habits 10

3 The Hoodoo 15

4 A Bank President 20

5 The Manipulator 25

6 The Way of a Client 30

7 The Trader 35

8 The Invisibles 40

9 A Real Inside View 45

10 The Wall Street Wolf 50

11 Taking Trouble Home 55

Anatomy of the Bubble 61