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Where the Money Is: How to Spot Key Trends to Make Investment Profits

Where the Money Is: How to Spot Key Trends to Make Investment Profits

Bob Froehlich

ISBN: 978-0-471-39317-7

Aug 2001

320 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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From the Foreword

"Truly valuable investment advice doesn't just direct you to buy a particular stock but helps you to think about investment opportunities within sectors-specifically, in the industries that are poised for growth over the next years and decades. Bob's solid guidance helps you target long-term opportunities."
Suze Orman, Author of The Road to Wealth and #1 New York Times Bestsellers, The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom and The Courage to Be Rich

The five themes driving and shaping the market in the millennium, from one of Wall Street's most respected investors.

In Where the Money Is, Bob Froehlich, one of the financial community's most trusted advisors, gives readers a rare insider's view of the strategies that financial markets and industries are developing to capitalize on the new terrain. Peering over the economic horizon for clues to next year and beyond, Froehlich pinpoints the five most relevant investment themes that will drive and shape the continuing bull market-as they are shaping society-into the new millennium. Focusing on such key issues as the aging baby boomer population, the continued growth of a technology that provides greater access and connectivity to the world, and the rise of the global marketplace, Froehlich shows investors how to spot these larger trends within the financial markets and the economy and to build an appropriate investment strategy to capitalize on them for rich rewards. Froehlich shows readers where the money is and where it can be found in the future.

Introduction 1

The Evolving Demographics Trends around the Globe 13

The Globalization of Economies and Markets 49

The Technology Revolution Is Creating the "I" (Information Age) Generation 89

Government Downsizing and Privatization 121

Corporate Restructuring, Mergers, and Acquisitions Go Global 155

Sectornomics(TM)--Turning Trends into Strategies, Picking the Sector Winners 193

The Principles of Investing in Long-Term Trends While Living in a Short-Term World 243

BobSpeak(TM) -- A Unique Glossary of Dr. Bob's Investment Terms and Opinions 259

Index 283