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White Dwarf Atmospheres and Circumstellar Environments



White Dwarf Atmospheres and Circumstellar Environments

Donald W. Hoard (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-63658-7 September 2012 244 Pages


Written by selected astronomers at the forefront of their fields, this timely and novel book compiles the latest results from research on white dwarf stars, complementing existing literature by focusing on fascinating new developments in our understanding of the atmospheric and circumstellar environments of these stellar remnants. Complete with a thorough refresher on the observational characteristics and physical basis for white dwarf classification, this is a must-have resource for researchers interested in the late stages of stellar evolution, circumstellar dust and nebulae, and the future of our own Solar System.
1. Hot White Dwarfs
2. Cool White Dwarfs
3. Stars with Unusual Compositions: Carbon and Oxygen in Cool White Dwarfs
4. Planets orbiting White Dwarfs
5. White Dwarf Circumstellar Disks: Observations
6. The Origin and Evolution of White Dwarf Dust Disks
7. Planetary Nebulae around White Dwarfs: Revelations from the Infrared