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White Matter in Cognitive Neuroscience: Advances in Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Its Applications, Volume 1064



White Matter in Cognitive Neuroscience: Advances in Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Its Applications, Volume 1064

John L. Ulmer (Editor), Lawrence Parsons (Editor), Michael Moseley (Editor), John Gabrieli (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-573-31546-3 December 2005 Wiley-Blackwell 276 Pages


Researchers from diverse research communities in cognitive neuroscience, clinical neuroscience, MR-diffusion tensor imaging, and algorithm development have contributed articles that explore the potential for diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to measure and model white matter tracts in the human brain.

The most advanced uses of diffusion tensor-weighted magnetic resonance imaging for modeling white matter neural connectivity and tractography are assessed; in addition, the authors discuss (1) methods for integrating DTI of white matter into cognitive and clinical neuroscience data and models, (2) how to promote new advances in DTI techniques for applications relevant to cognitive and clinical neuroscience, and (3) how to implement new advances in DTI in readily accessible software that can be distributed to the cognitive and clinical neuroscience communities.

These reports represent the interdisciplinary approach taken at the workshop to the refinement of emerging MR DTI techniques specifically for the purposes of analyzing white matter networks noninvasively. It is hoped that this volume will encourage collaborations that will enhance the capacity for greater applications, developments, and impact of DTI, thus extending the reach of the workshop that preceded it.

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Preface: Leighton P. Mark and John L. Ulmer.

1. Combining Functional and Diffusion Tensor MRI: Dae-Shik Kim and Mina Kim.

2. Investigating the Functional Role of Callosal Connections with Dynamic Causal Models: Klaas E. Stephan, Will D. Penny, John C. Marshall, Gereon R. Fink, and Karl J. Friston.

3. Age-Related Changes in Prefrontal White Matter Measured by Diffusion Tensor Imaging: D H Salat, D S Tuch, N D Hevelone, B Fischl, S Corkin, H D Rosas, and A M Dale.

4. Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the Spinal Cord: Stephan E. Maier and Hatsuho Mamata.

5. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Primary Lateral Sclerosis: The Role of Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Other Advanced MR-Based Techniques as Objective Upper Motor Neuron Markers: Sumei Wang and Elias R. Melhem.

6. White Matter Tractography by Means of Turboprop Diffusion Tensor Imaging: Konstantinos Arfanakis, Minzhi Gui, and Mariana Lazar.

7. Diffusion Tensor Tractography of the Motor White Matter Tracts in Man: Current Controversies and Future Directions: Andrei I. Holodny, Richard Watts, Valeri N. Korneinko, Igor N. Pronin, Mikhail E. Zhukovskiy, Devang M. Gor, and Aziz Ulug.

8. Occipital-Callosal Pathways in Children: Validation and Atlas Development: Robert F. Dougherty, Michal Ben-Shachar, Gayle Deutsch, Polina Potanina, Roland Bammer, and Brian A. Wandell.

9. Multiple-Fiber Reconstruction Algorithms for Diffusion MRI: Daniel C. Alexander.

10. The Application of DTI to Investigate White Matter Abnormalities in Schizophrenia: Marek Kubicki, Carl-Fredrik Westin, Robert W. Mccarley, and Martha E. Shenton.

11. Brain/Language Relationships Identified with Diffusion and Perfusion MRI: Clinical Applications in Neurology and Neurosurgery: Argye E. Hillis.

12. White Matter and Behavioral Neurology: Christopher M. Filley.

13. Adolescents with Disruptive Behavior Disorder Investigated Using an Optimized MR Diffusion Tensor Imaging Protocol: Tie-Qiang Li, Vincent P. Mathews, Yang Wang, David Dunn, and William Kronenberger.

14. Principal Diffusion Direction in Peritumoral Fiber Tracts: Color Map Patterns and Directional Statistics: Aaron S. Field, Yu-Chien Wu, and Andrew L. Alexander.

15. Applications of Diffusion Tensor MR Imaging in Multiple Sclerosis: Yulin Ge, Meng Law, and Robert I. Grossman.

16. Quantitative Analysis of Diffusion Tensor Imaging Data in Serial Assessment of Krabbe Disease: James M. Provenzale, Maria Escolar, and Joanne Kurtzberg Index of Contributors