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Why Do We Educate?: Voices from the Conversation

Why Do We Educate?: Voices from the Conversation

Mark Smylie (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-19668-0

Jan 2009, Wiley-Blackwell

200 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Why Do We Educate? Voices from the Conversation is a unique collection of contemporary writing about the purposes of education in today’s society.  It gives expression to the voices of more than 90 public and private figures through written essays, speeches, fiction, op-ed pieces, cartoons, and blogs.  These are the voices of artists, entertainers, business executives, scientists, educators, government and civic leaders, religious and spiritual leaders, and members of the media.  Through these voices is found expression of a number of educational purposes including the development of the individual, the promotion of the “good” society, and the advancement of humanity.  Also through them is found expression of education as a means of cultivation and stewardship of democratic values and processes.  The purpose of this book is to document the contemporary conversation about why we educate in democratic society and, through the voices represented in the book, provoke and promote the conversation further.  This book is the second volume of the 107th yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education.  The first volume, Why Do We Educate?  Renewing the Conversation, is a complementary collection of contemporary scholarly writing on the question.
Series Editor’s Foreword, Gary D. Fenstermacher


Prologue: Voices From The Conversation, Mark A. Smylie

Why Must I Learn? Bernard Schoenbaum

Part One: Voices From Arts And Entertainment

A Talk To Teachers, James Baldwin

The Drill, Ed Burns

Quiz Master, Barney Tobey

People Expect Great Things From You, Bill Cosby .

Athletics And The Education Of Boys, Frank Deford

Dancing Through Life, Pierre Dulaine

Civilization’s Thin Veneer, Václav Havel

The World Of Music, Samuel Hazo

Dear Ann Landers, Eppie Lederer

On Not Winning The Nobel Prize, Doris Lessing

On Teaching And Grades, Robert Pirsig

Forget It, Bill Watterson

What Is An American Education? Richard Rodriguez

Expressing Our Imaginations and Feelings, Harold M. Williams

Part Two: Voices From Business, Science, And Technology

Global Competition Is The New Reality, David Abney

How To Get Off The Roof, Norman R. Augustine

Your Spaceship, Claude Smith

The Purpose Of Education, Joseph A. Bailey II, M.D.

Commentary, Craig R. Barrett

Competitive Edge, Robert Weber

Who, What, Why, Where? Keith L. Black

A Nobel Prize Winner Recalls His Education, Nicolaas Bloembergen

Is Google Making Us Stupid? Nicholas Carr

Strengthening American Competitiveness For The 21st Century, Bill Gates

Your Country’s Desperate Need, Whitney Darrow, Jr.

On The Threshold Of The 21st Century: Comments On Science Education, Leon M. Lederman

Great Teachers And Great Effort: Two Keys To A Great Education, Lowell Milken

The Promise Of Education, Christopher Nordlinger

Demographics Must Not Be Destiny, Andy Stern

An Extraordinary Opportunity Wasted On Youth, Sam Zell

Part Three: Voices From Education

Let Teenagers Try Adulthood, Leon Botstein

Who Are You? Barney Tobey

Remarks To Unesco Plenary Session, Paris, France, Laura Bush

Education And The Economy, Geoffrey Canada

Regaining The Thought-Action Continuum: A New Liberal Arts, Elizabeth Coleman

How Public Education Cripples Our Kids And Why, John Taylor Gatto

Such A Mess, Joseph Mirachi

Dear Teacher, Anonymous

What Our 17-Year-Olds Know, Frederick M. Hess

This Algebra Is Driving Me Nuts! Jeff Mcnelly

To Sustain The American Dream, Arthur Levine

Are There Any Questions? Mel Lazarus

Pass Or Fail, Will Okun .

Where The Process Begins, Vivian Gussin Paley

Try Not To Worry, Charles E. Martin

Posteriores Calcate! Aaron Parrett

My Graduation Speech, Neil Postman

Finding Our Way, Mike Rose

Part Four: Voices From Political And Civic Leadership

Labor And Management Must Work Together, Elaine L. Chao

American Education—American Competitiveness, Bill Clinton

A World Without Public Schools, David Gelernter

A Certain Panache, William Hamilton

A Prosperity Agenda For The 21st Century, Newt Gingrich

Huckabee Extols Higher Education, Mike Huckabee

Lifetime Earnings, Lee Lorenz

Jbs On Public Education, The John Birch Society

Values And Purposes Of Education And Skills, Liberal Democrats Online Policy Consultation Group

Service To America, John Mccain

Our Kids, Our Future, Barack Obama

Make Ripples Of Your Own, Alan C. Page

Moral Strength And Education, Colin Powell.

Our Day, Barbara Smaller

Speech At The South Carolina March For Equity In Education, Richard W. Riley

Part Five: Voices From Religious And Spiritual Leadership

Statement On Public Education, American Jewish Committee

The Real Purpose Of Education, Khalid Baig

That Sort Of Thing, Alice Harvey

Aims Of Buddhist Education, Bhikkhu Bodhi

Winning, Lee Lorenz

The Purpose Of Education, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Lovely Innocence, Robert Weber

For Wonder, In Wonder, Martin E. Marty

The Churches And The Public Schools At The Close Of The Twentieth Century, National Council Of The Churches Of Christ, U.S.A

Part Six: Voices From The Media

Find Your Voice As A World Citizen, Christiane Amanpour

Doing Hard Work Of The Mind: Immigrants See Life Is More Than Labor, Oscar Avila

Education Is Supposed To Make You Rich, Not Wealthy, Simon Barnes

Life’s Report Card, William Hamilton

The Biggest Issue, David Brooks

The Purpose Of Education, Tom Campbell

Hope In The Unseen, Thomas L. Friedman

The Luckiest Girl, Nicholas D. Kristof

“Do Your Own Homework”: Asian Students Should Learn To Think For Themselves, Andrew Lam

If At First You Don’t Succeed Enough, Abigail Sullivan Moore

Too Early, Robert J. Day

Memories Of  Mississippi And The Challenges Of No Child Left Behind, Diane Rado

Build A Future We Can Be Proud Of, Tim Russert

Dealing With Hatred: How The Torrent Of Anti-Americanism

Affects Teenagers, Jeffrey Zaslow

Part Seven: Voices For Education And The Promotion Of Democratic Ideals

“Here’s The Story”, David Miller

Education For Democracy: A Statement Signed By Over 100 Distinguished Leaders, Albert Shanker Institute

Solving Problems And Building Communities, Richard Lee Colvin

On Civics Education, Richard Dreyfuss

Why Do We Educate So Many So Poorly In A Democratic Society? Lynn Huntley

The Fundamental Purpose Of Education Is Democracy, Sean Kershaw

Why Educate? Martha Minow

You Have The Right To Remain Silent, Jeff Danziger

Good Citizenship: The Purpose Of Education, Eleanor Roosevelt

On My Mind: Educating For Freedom, A.M. Rosenthal