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Why Winners Win: What it Takes to be Successful in Business and Life

Why Winners Win: What it Takes to be Successful in Business and Life

Gary Pittard

ISBN: 978-0-730-33417-0

Sep 2016

200 pages



Your journey to success starts here

Why Winners Win identifies the crucial elements of business success and provides step-by-step guidance on getting there. Author Gary Pittard shows you why consistent results are the key contributing factor to lasting success, and helps you identify your personal barriers. Whether you lack the ability to set goals or a plan, motivation or focus, this book will show you how to adjust your course and direct you to the top. Based on the Success Journey model, the discussion focuses on attitude, knowledge, skill and competent action to give you a solid framework to boost your potential and achieve prosperity. You'll learn the essential qualities of a winner, and how to demonstrate these qualities every day in every interaction. Case studies demonstrating success and failure provide you with clear examples of the framework in action and illustrate the cause-and-effect relationship behind everyday choices.

Believe it or not, failing at something is a great way to become successful. Experience teaches a lesson no advice could impart, and not being at the top just means there's more room to grow. This book equips you with a solid success plan, the skills you need to execute it and expert insight into your own unique path.

  • Identify and overcome your personal barriers to achieve success
  • Build and amplify winning qualities that that will keep you on course
  • Learn a simple four-step model for achieving consistent results
  • Discover the single most important difference between winners and losers

The goal is prosperity – whatever that may mean to you – and attaining a level of freedom and security that allows you to give back and be generous with your money, time and knowledge. Success is a journey, but Why Winners Win provides the roadmap you need to start the journey today.

About the author xiii

Acknowledgements xv

Foreword by Dr Denis Waitley xix

Introduction xxi

Part I: Look inward: sources of failure and success 1

1 Why consistent results are not achieved 3

2 Winning qualities 15

Part II: The success journey 41

3 Anything but ‘overnight’ 43

4 Attitude 47

5 Knowledge 61

6 Skill 81

7 Competent action 111

Part III: Winning for life 139

8 Prosperity 141

9 Winners are doers 153

Index 159