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Why the Christian Right Is Wrong: A Minister's Manifesto for Taking Back Your Faith, Your Flag, Your Future

Why the Christian Right Is Wrong: A Minister's Manifesto for Taking Back Your Faith, Your Flag, Your Future

Robin Meyers

ISBN: 978-0-787-99786-1

Jun 2007, Jossey-Bass

224 pages



""I join the ranks of those who are angry, because I have watched as the faith I love has been taken over by fundamentalists who claim to speak for Jesus but whose actions are anything but Christian.""
—Robin Meyers, from his ""Speech Heard Round the World""

Millions of Americans are outraged at the Bush administration's domestic and foreign policies and even angrier that the nation's religious conservatives have touted these policies as representative of moral values. Why the Christian Right Is Wrong is a rousing manifesto that will ignite the collective conscience of all whose faith and values have been misrepresented by the Christian Right.

Praise for Why the Christian Right Is Wrong:

""In the pulpit, Robin Meyers is the new generation's Harry Emerson Fosdick, George Buttrick, and Martin Luther King. In these pages, you will find a stirring message for our times, from a man who believes that God's love is universal, that the great Jewish prophets are as relevant now as in ancient times, and that the Jesus who drove the money changers from the Temple may yet inspire us to embrace justice and compassion as the soul of democracy. This is not a book for narrow sectarian minds; read it, and you will want to change the world.""
—Bill Moyers

""In this book, a powerful and authentic religious voice from America's heartland holds up a mirror to the Bush administration and its religious allies. The result is a vision of Orwellian proportions in which values are inverted and violence, hatred, and bigotry are blessed by one known as 'The Prince of Peace,' who called us to love our enemies. If you treasure this country and tremble over its present direction, this book is a must-read!""
—John Shelby Spong author, The Sins of Scripture: Exposing the Bible's Texts of Hate to Reveal the God of Love

""This is a timely warning and a clarion call to the church to recover the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to a great nation to resist the encroachment of the Christian Right and of Christian fascism. Many of us in other parts of the world are praying fervently that these calls will be heeded.""
—Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Preface vii

Introduction: The 9/11 Effect xi

Part One: The Speech Heard Round the World 1

Part Two: The Sin of Hypocrisy: Line by Line 11

1. Christians Don’t Start Wars, They Try to Stop Them 13

2. Missing in Action: The Sermon on the Mount 29

3. Rich Chicken Hawks for Jesus 45

4. Terminal False Dichotomies 63

5. The National Debt, Family Values, and Why They Hate Us 73

6. Homosexuals and the Politics of Death 87

7. “Pro-Life” Should Include Mother Nature 105

8. We Have Met the Enemy 117

9. Cleansing the Temple of U.S. Health Care 131

10. Christian Fascism and the War on Reason 141

Part Three: A Call to Nonvolent Resistance: How to Save the Country and the Church 157

Notes 189

The Author 203