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Wicca and Witchcraft For Dummies

Wicca and Witchcraft For Dummies

Diane Smith

ISBN: 978-0-764-57834-2 July 2005 384 Pages


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Examines Wiccan magic, rituals, traditions, and code of conduct

Get the scoop on this ancient spiritual path

Wondering what it takes to be a Wiccan? This plain-English guide introduces you to the vibrant world of Wicca and the practices of Witchcraft, describing its ancient origins, dispelling stereotypes, and explaining Wiccan beliefs, ethics, rituals, and holidays. You'll see what it means to live as a contemporary Wiccan -- and how to worship alone or with a group.

Discover how to
* Worship alone or join a coven
* Perform charms, blessings, and spells
* Obtain necessary tools and supplies
* Spot spiritual scams and inappropriate behavior
* Explore a spiritual path guided by nature

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Introduction 1

Part I: Seeing the World through Wiccan Eyes: What Wiccans Believe 9

Chapter 1: Believing That Everything’s Connected 11

Chapter 2: Believing in Deity 17

Chapter 3: Believing in Magic: Where Science Meets the Craft 25

Chapter 4: Believing in Ethics, Responsibility, and Personal Relationship with Deity 31

Part II: Looking at the Past, Present, and Future: How Wiccans Live 39

Chapter 5: Digging into the Past 41

Chapter 6: Living Wiccan Today 61

Chapter 7: Looking Back to the Future: The Rebirth of the Goddess 73

Part III: Coming Home: How Wiccans Become Wiccans 85

Chapter 8: Considering the Wiccan Path 87

Chapter 9: Going Solo or Joining a Coven: Wiccan Options 95

Chapter 10: Making Room for Everyone: Craft Traditions 107

Part IV: Following the Sun and the Moon: How Wiccans Worship 127

Chapter 11: Setting Up an Altar and Choosing Tools 129

Chapter 12: Designing and Performing Rituals: The Heart of Wicca 151

Chapter 13: Waxing and Waning with the Moon: The Esbats 183

Chapter 14: Turning the Wheel of the Year: The Sabbats 195

Part V: Practicing the Craft: What Wiccans Do 217

Chapter 15: Making Magic Happen 219

Chapter 16: Spellcasting: The Poetry of Wicca 231

Chapter 17: Boosting Magic with Fire, Stones, and Herbs 241

Chapter 18: Working with Trance and Dreams 261

Chapter 19: Daring to Divine 283

Chapter 20: Keeping a Book of Shadows, a Sacred Record 297

Part VI: The Part of Tens 305

Chapter 21: Ten Habits of Effective Wiccans 307

Chapter 22: Ten Wiccan Principles of Behavior 313

Chapter 23: Ten Warning Signs of a Scam or Inappropriate Behavior 317

Appendix A: Wicca FAQ 323

Appendix B: Magical Properties of Colors, Herbs, and Stones 343

Index 349