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Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman



Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman

Vickie L. Milazzo

ISBN: 978-1-118-10052-3 September 2011 352 Pages

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We're all just one step away from achieving what we want and getting what we deserve out of life.

To seize control of her own life and career, Vickie Milazzo, internationally known women's mentor, New York Times bestselling author, Inc. Top 10 Entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, was willing to take a whacking from a Buddhist monk, jump out of an airplane and step out of a comfortable job into the unknown. In Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman, Vickie shares every success secret she used to grow her career into a $16-million business.

Vickie shows you how to get real about achieving wicked success. Not witches and flying broomsticks wicked—but exaggerated wicked. Reading this book, you'll feel like you're sitting with a good friend who inspires you, encourages you and pushes you to think in a more exaggerated and uncommon way. This is a buck-up book with a buck-up plan for any woman ready to take back control of her life and career and unleash the wicked success inside every woman.

Preface xv


Make These Promises to Unleash the 10 Forces Within You 1

5 Promises Provide the Fuel 1

Promise 1: I Will Live and Work a Passionate Life 4

Promise 2: I Will Go for It or Reject It Outright 7

Promise 3: I Will Take One Action Step a Day Toward My Passionate Vision 10

Promise 4: I Commit to Being a Success Student for Life 12

Promise 5: I Believe as a Woman I Really Can Do Anything 14

Harness Your 10 Feminine Forces with the 5 Promises 17


Ignite Your Inner Fire to Live Passionately 19

Passion Fans the Flame of Wicked Success 21

Let Your Passions Move You 22

Discover Your Fire to Live Passionately 24

The Passionate Path Isn’t Quick and Easy 29

The Passionate Path Isn’t Balanced 31

Passion Doesn’t Burn the Same for All Women 31

10 Strategies for Living Passionately 32

Ignite Your Fire with the 5 Promises 39

Evie’s Fire 41


Imagine Unlimited Possibilities to Capture Your Vision 43

Intuition Is Cognition on Steroids 45

Imagination Trumps Knowledge 45

Order Off the Right Menu 47

Show Up with No Guarantee 49

Use Silence to Arouse Imagination 51

Get Out of Your Head 54

Trust Your Way Through the Chaos 56

Relax Your Way into Wicked Success 58

Practice Mentally Everything You Want to Accomplish 61

Get Down with Beethoven 62

Accelerate Achievement with Hypnagogic Imagery 63

Speed Up to Be Mindful 64

Link Your Vision to Your Passion 65

Be Ready with Your Next Vision 66

Capture Your Intuitive Vision with the 5 Promises 68

Maggie’s Vision 70


Engage Commitment to Achieve Big Things 73

Engage Your Fears to Conquer Them 75

Ditch Perfectionism 80

Break the Feel-Good Addiction 82

Engage One Big Thing at a Time 84

Get Whacked Like a Buddhist 91

Engage in What’s Right, Not What’s Easy 96

Engage the Details 98

Shrug Off Restrictions 99

Don’t Be a Commitment Queen 100

Engage to Achieve Big Things with the 5 Promises 103

Leigh’s Engagement 105


Flex Your Agility to Grab New Opportunities 107

Shake It Up 109

Flex Your Curiosity 111

Challenge a Fixed Viewpoint 113

Stretch to Intensify Agility 116

Dive Deeper Every Day 116

Schedule an Agility Break 118

Add the Right Tools to Your Agility Arsenal 120

Agility Is a Two-Minute Investment 122

Don’t Be a Relic of Past Splendor 123

Get in Sync with Agility, Not Insane

with Diverseness 124

Leave Your Old Comforts at Home 128

Flex Your Agility with the 5 Promises 130

Blanche’s Agility 132


Intensify Your Intelligence for Accelerated Success 135

Collaboration Is Collective Genius 136

Leverage People Who Are Already Wickedly Successful 138

Now That You’ve Got the Advice, Be Genius and Heed It 140

Genius Hears Other Voices 142

Challenge the Experts 144

Remove Your Own Burrs 146

Trust Your Own Voice 147

Stop Hanging with the Biggest Losers 148

Genius Combines IQ and Hard Work 150

Employ the Genius of Einstein 154

Intensify Your Genius with the 5 Promises 163

Chris’s Genius 165


Practice Uncompromising Integrity for Authentic Success 167

Breaching Integrity Betrays Opportunity 168

Every Act Counts 169

Stand Up for Your Integrity 170

Consensus on Integrity Is Elusive 172

Every Promise Counts 176

Be Accountable to Your Integrity 177

Do the Right Thing When No One Is Looking 177

Don’t Bring an Elephant into the Room 179

Refuse to Be an Integrity Victim 180

Avoid the Lure of Manipulation 181

Put Your Integrity Where Your Mouth Is 182

Kiss Off Complainers 183

Keep Your Integrity Public and Your Dirty

Laundry Private 186

Practice Uncompromising Integrity with the 5 Promises 187

Jan’s Integrity 189


Fuel Your Endurance to Energize Your Performance 191

Keep Dancing Your Passionate Vision 193

Fuel Your Endurance with Persistence 195

Stop Running on Empty 197

Fuel Endurance with Incremental Payoffs 198

Fuel Endurance with the Right Focus 199

Endure for the Fun of It 203

Take to the Air Like a Butterfl y 205

Fuel Your Endurance with Fire 206

Harvest Energy to Increase Your Endurance 208

10 Strategies for Building Your

Endurance Muscles 209

Fuel Your Endurance with the 5 Promises 212

Susan’s Endurance 214


Become the CEO of Your Career and Life 217

Be First at the River to Get a Drink 218

Satisfy Your Thirst at the River of Choice 220

Venture Out from a Solid Foundation 223

Command Financial Control in

Your Enterprise 228

Assemble an Extraordinary Framework 230

Everything Is Marketing 233

Don’t Just Create an Experience—Create an Unforgettable Memory 239

Be Your Own Number One Fan 244

Don’t Be a Commodity 245

Negotiate Like You Mean It 246

Retie the Connection Over Fried Oysters 249

Networking Is Not Working 250

Keep the Wind in Your Sails 252

Become the CEO of Your Career and Life with the 5 Promises 255

Martha’s Enterprise 257


Reclaim Your Life Energy Through Frequent Renewal 259

Renew Your Relationship with Yourself 260

Renew Your Physical Energy Daily 263

Replenish Your Emotional Energy 267

Nurture and Renew Your Spirit 275

Recharge Your Mental Energy 276

Celebrate to Intensify Renewal 278

Renew Your Energy with the

People You Love 279

Renew by Giving Back 281

6 Strategies for Total Renewal 282

Renew Your Life Energy with the 5 Promises 284

Lindsay’s Renewal 286


Fuse with Incredible Women to Attain the Impossible 289

The Story of the First Female Fusion 290

3 Stories of Women Forever Changed 293

Female Fusion Is a Protective Caprock 297

Fusion Is More Than a Women’s Group 298

Fusion Needs Heat 298

Female Fusion Requires Purpose 301

The Basic Fusion Format Is Simple 301

Activate Your First Fusion 302

Spark Fusion Throughout the Entire Group 306

Unleash Boundless Fusion Energy 307

Fuse with Professional Colleagues 309

Have Fun with Fusion as You Attain the Impossible 309

Activate Female Fusion with the 5 Promises 311

Vickie’s Fusion 313

Savor Your Wicked Success 315

Acknowledgments 317

Book Club Guide 319

About the Author 321

Index 323