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Wiley 11th Hour Guide for 2015 Level I CFA

Wiley 11th Hour Guide for 2015 Level I CFA


ISBN: 978-1-119-03246-5

Mar 2015

448 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Final Review Guide for Level I CFA Exam

Wiley 11th Hour Guide for 2015 Level 1 CFA Exam compacts all sixty readings tested on the 2015 CFA exam into one portable volume. Organized in order from Reading #1 to #60, this best-selling guide has helped thousands of candidates from over one-hundred countries pass the CFA exam. Designed to boil it all down to the crucial concepts, formulas and rules, this guide ensures candidates are familiar with the most important testable information. It's difficult to go over multiple books in the last few weeks before the exam, so Wiley 11th Hour Guide does the work for you—condensing each reading down to two- to five pages. Enter the exam room with confidence and reinforce your knowledge and preparation! This comprehensive guide complements Wiley's CFA Study Guides sold separately but may be used with any review course. An effective, efficient study guide, this book prepares you to reach the next level in your career.

The CFA exam program is highly regarded, and earning the designation of CFA requires you to pass three different examinations. The core concepts of the Level 1 exam are foundational ideas that you must master before moving onto the next exam—and this guide can help you do so.

  • Review essential concepts and formulas of the CFA exam
  • Access a large amount of information in a condensed, efficient format
  • Reinforce your understanding of key ideas with supplemental notes and tips from trusted instructors
  • Optimize your study time with an effective resource that addresses CFA candidate needs

Wiley 11th Hour Guide for 2015 Level 1 CFA Exam offers an exam preparation course that sees you through the final stages of your studies.

Foreword VII


Study Session 1: Ethical and Professional Standards 1

Quantitative Methods

Study Session 2: Quantitative Methods—Basic Concepts 11

Study Session 3: Quantitative Methods—Application 33


Study Session 4: Economics—Microeconomic Analysis 65

Study Session 5: Economics—Macroeconomic Analysis 95

Study Session 6: Economics in a Global Context 131

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Study Session 7: Financial Reporting and Analysis: An Introduction 155

Study Session 8: Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements 169

Study Session 9: Inventories, Long-Lived Assets, Income Taxes, and Non-Current Liabilities 195

Study Session 10: Financial Reporting Quality and Financial Statement Analysis 231

Corporate Finance

Study Session 11: Corporate Finance 245

Portfolio Management

Study Session 12: Portfolio Management 275


Study Session 13: Market Organization, Market Indices, and Market Efficiency 303

Study Session 14: Equity Analysis and Evaluation 331

Fixed Income

Study Session 15: Fixed Income—Basic Concepts 355

Study Session 16: Fixed Income—Analysis of Risk 391


Study Session 17: Derivatives 411

Alternative Investments

Study Session 18: Alternative Investments 431