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Wiley AP English Literature and Composition

Wiley AP English Literature and Composition

Geraldine Woods

ISBN: 978-1-118-49023-5

Feb 2013

408 pages

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Score your highest on exam day

Relax. The fact that you're even considering taking the AP English Literature & Composition exam means you're smart, hard-working, and ambitious. All you need is to get up to speed on the exam's topics and themes and take a couple of practice tests to get comfortable with its question formats and time limits. That's where Wiley AP English Literature & Composition comes in.

This user-friendly and completely reliable guide helps you get the most out of any AP English class and reviews all of the topics emphasized on the test. It also provides two full-length practice exams, complete with detailed answer explanations and scoring guides. This powerful prep guide helps you practice and perfect all of the skills you need to get your best possible score. And, as a special bonus, you'll also get a handy primer to help you prepare for the test-taking experience.

  • A detailed overview of the test
  • Subject reviews covering all test topics
  • Practice questions
  • Sample free-response questions with advice for crafting critical essays
  • Strategies and solid test-taking advice
  • Two full-length practice tests with detailed explanations and walk-throughs

Supplemented with handy lists of test-taking tips and more, Wiley AP English Literature & Composition helps you make exam day a very good day, indeed.

Part I: Exam Overview and English Fundamentals 1

Chapter 1: An Overview of the AP Literature and Composition Exam 3

Chapter 2: Exam Preparation 17

Chapter 3: English Literature and Composition Fundamentals 29

Part II: Poetry 53

Chapter 4: Poetic Devices 55

Chapter 5: Poetry Interpretation 69

Chapter 6: Answering Multiple-Choice Poetry Questions 79

Chapter 7: Writing Essays on Poetic Passages 93

Chapter 8: Practice Poetry Questions 107

Part III: Prose and Drama 131 

Chapter 9: Reading Fiction and Drama Passages 133

Chapter 10: Reading Nonfi ction Passages 153

Chapter 11: Answering Multiple-Choice Prose and Drama Questions 163

Chapter 12: Writing Essays on Prose and Drama Passages 181

Chapter 13: Practice Prose and Drama Questions 197

Part IV: Open-Ended and Paired-Passage Essays 225

Chapter 14: The Open-Ended Essay 227

Chapter 15: Paired-Passage Essays 241

Part V: Practice Exams and Scoring 257

Chapter 16: Practice Exam 1 259

Chapter 17: Scoring Practice Exam 1 279

Chapter 18: Practice Exam 2 305

Chapter 19: Scoring Practice Exam 2 325

Part VI: Appendixes and Answer Sheets 349

Appendix A: Literary Works 351

Appendix B: Quick Grammar Review 357

Answer Sheets 365

Index 381