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Wiley CPA Exam: How to Master Simulations, 2nd Edition

Wiley CPA Exam: How to Master Simulations, 2nd Edition

O. Ray Whittington

ISBN: 978-0-470-50537-3

Jul 2009

192 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Now fully revised, the only guide you need to ace the simulation question requirements of the CPA Exam

Fully revised and updated, this tightly focused guide is like no other, focusing strictly on the simulation questions in the CPA Exam.

Providing nine case studies-three for each section tested on the CPA exam-Wiley CPA Exam: How to Master Simulations, Second Edition takes you step by step to show you how to complete each simulation tested on the exam.

O. Ray Whittington, well-known author and professor, uses his extensive experience to prepare candidates to master the simulations on the CPA Exam. Tightly focused, this study aid provides you with the tips and examples you need to study effectively, and includes

  • All the new functionality of the simulation questions, including the new research requirements
  • A complementary CD-ROM containing nine free full simulations to give you hands-on practice similar to the actual exam
  • Essential guidance on how to do an efficient and effective search and how to understand the questions requirements
  • Vital strategies on how to approach the research requirements of CPA exam simulations
  • A detailed description of how to improve your written communications on the communication requirements of all sections of the exam
  • Thorough guidance on how to complete Financial Accounting and Reporting, Regulation, and Auditing and Attestation simulations

Filled with tips and examples of how you can effectively navigate through the simulation questions and maximize your score, Wiley CPA Exam: How to Master Simulations, Second Edition equips you with a systematic approach to understanding the CPA Exam's simulation questions.

About the Author.

1 Introduction.

2 Research Requirements of Simulations.

3 Communication Requirements of Simulations.

4 Mastering Financial Accounting and Reporting Simulations.

5 Mastering Regulation Simulations.

6 Mastering Auditing and Attestation Simulations.

Appendix A: Solutions to Problems.