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Wiley CPA Examination Review Focus Notes: Regulation 2011

Wiley CPA Examination Review Focus Notes: Regulation 2011

Kevin Stevens

ISBN: 978-1-118-03480-4

Nov 2010

277 pages

Select type: E-Book



This book uses acronyms and mnemonic devices to help candidates remember the accounting rules and checklists needed to pass the exam. It provides a thorough review of all basic skills and concepts need for the exam. The new computerized CPA exam includes one or two case study simulations in each section, approximately 20-40 minutes in length, that will require candidates to perform research activities, use common spreadsheet and word processing functions, and use a financial calculator or spreadsheet to perform financial calculations. In order to assist candidates in successfully performing these simulations, Wiley Focus Notes include references to authoritative literature, sample spreadsheets, and key concepts, tips and tools to facilitate research

About the Author.

Professional and Legal Responsibilities.

Federal Securities Acts.

Business Structure.



Commercial Paper.

Secured Transactions.


Debtor-Creditor Relationships.


Regulation of Employment & Environment.



Individual Tax.

Transactions in Property.

Partnership Tax.

Corporate Tax.

Estates & Trusts.