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Wiley Critical Content: Petroleum Technology, 2 Volume Set

Wiley Critical Content: Petroleum Technology, 2 Volume Set


ISBN: 978-0-470-13402-3 March 2007 2000 Pages


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The two-volume reference Wiley Critical Content: Petroleum Technology  presents a collection of over 40 articles that were reprinted from the Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology and Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. The articles are organized in three thematic subjects:  

PART I: Exploration, Refining, Engineering, and Handling

PART II: Fuels

PART III: Base Chemicals

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This item: Wiley Critical Content: Petroleum Technology, 2 Volume Set

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Petroleum, Introduction 1

Exploration, Drilling, and Production Engineering 43

Enhanced Oil Recovery 167

Oil Shale 194

Tar Sands 222

Drilling Fluids 250

Petroleum Refinery Processes 291

Oil Refining, Environmental Considerations 334

Natural Gas 355

BTX Processing 427

Fluid Catalytic Cracking, Units, Regeneration 442

Fluid Catalytic Cracking, Catalysts and Additives 477

Catalysis 499

Catalyst Deactivation and Regeneration 553

Distillation 621

Distillation, Azeotropic and Extractive 667

Separations Process Synthesis 734

Liquid–Liquid Extraction 776

Pipelines 851

Sulfur and Hydrogen Sulfide Recovery 872

Corrosion and Corrosion Control 896

Bioremediation 920


Liquefied Petroleum Gas 1

Lubrication and Lubricants 14

Waxes 85

Asphalt 169

Petroleum Coke 205

Gasoline and Other Motor Fuels 223

Aviation Turbine Fuels 273

Heating Oil 293

Naphthenic Acids 317

Fuels, Synthetic, Liquid 329

Fuels, Synthetic, Gaseous 377

Octane Enhancers 406

Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether 428

Combustion Science and Technology 449

Emission Control, Automotive 493

Emission Control, Industrial 529


Petrochemical Feedstocks 576

Hydrocarbons 591

Acetylene 652

Ethylene 727

Propylene 799

Butadiene 820

Isoprene 849

Cyclohexane 876

Benzene 885

Toluene 914

Xylenes 944

Ethylbenzene 974

Cyclopentadiene and

Dicyclopentadiene 991

Naphthalene and Hydronaphthalenes 1007

Anthracene 1020

Olefins, Higher 1028

Acylation and

Alkylation 1047

Synthetic Organic Chemicals, Economic Evaluation 1114

Index 1141

""All professionals connected in any way with the science and industry of petroleum will find these incomparable volumes essential references."" (CHOICE, October 2007)