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Wiley FINRA Series 7 Exam Review 2017: The General Securities Representative Examination

Wiley FINRA Series 7 Exam Review 2017: The General Securities Representative Examination


ISBN: 978-1-119-37975-1

Mar 2017

624 pages

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The most comprehensive guide to the Series 7 exam in the marketplace includes a self-directed study guide with all the most essential information to becoming a stockbroker. Areas covered include: Stocks, Debt Securities, Investment Banking, Securities Markets, Taxes, Securities Analysis, Self-Regulatory Organizations (SRO's), Mutual Funds and Investment Companies, Annuities, Margin, Options, Money Market Instruments, Direct Participation Programs and Municipal Securities. There is no prerequisite exam for the FINRA Series 7, however, test takers will be required to take the Series 63 or Series 66 as co-requisite exams. The Series 7 exam is made up of 260 multiple-choice questions of which 10 are experimental. Each student will be given a total of 6 hours for the exam (3 hours for each half). A grade of 72 is considered passing. This book includes multiple practice exams to help test takers improve their scores.

The General Securities Representative Examination (Series 7) is an entry-level examination that qualifies the individual for registration with all self-regulatory organizations to trade, promote, and sell:

  • Public offerings and/or private placements of corporate securities (stocks and bonds)
  • rights
  • warrants
  • mutual funds
  • money market funds
  • unit investment trusts
  • asset-backed securities
  • mortgage-backed securities
  • options
  • options on mortgage-backed securities
  • municipal securities
  • government securities
  • repos and certificates of accrual on government securities
  • direct participation programs
  • securities traders
  • venture capital
  • ETFs
  • hedge funds
About the Series 7 Exam xxiii

About This Book xxvii

About the Test Bank xxviii

About the Securities Institute of America xxix

Chapter 1 Equity Securities 1

Chapter 2 Debt Securities 29

Chapter 3 Government Securities 55

Chapter 4 Municipal Securities 65

Chapter 5 The Money Market 109

Chapter 6 Economic Fundamentals 117

Chapter 7 Options 133

Chapter 8 Mutual Funds 199

Chapter 9 Variable Annuities 241

Chapter 10 Issuing Corporate Securities 257

Chapter 11 Trading Securities 277

Chapter 12 Customer Accounts 311

Chapter 13 Margin Accounts 333

Chapter 14 Retirement Plans 353

Chapter 15 Brokerage Office Procedure 375

Chapter 16 Fundamental and Technical Analysis 395

Chapter 17 Direct Participation Programs 413

Chapter 18 Customer Recommendations, Professional Conduct, and Taxation 427

Chapter 19 Securities Industry Rules and Regulations 457

Answer Keys 497

Glossary of Exam Terms 515

Index 581