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Wiley Pathways Health Care Economics

Thomas E. Getzen, Jennifer Moore (With)

ISBN: 978-0-470-46037-5 December 2008 384 Pages


Becoming a manager of a health care organization requires a broad understanding of the field. This includes a strong grasp of the economics involved in the daily operation of the organization. Providing an accessible introduction to important economic concepts in the field, this book will help readers gain the knowledge to run an organization. Getzen breaks down difficult topics while explaining the importance of economics in the function of the health care system.

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  1. The Flow of Funds Through the Health Care System
  2. Economic Evaluation of Health Services
  3. Cost-Benefit and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
  4. Health Insurance
  5. Insurance Contracts
  6. Physicians
  7. Physician Organization and Business Practice
  8. Hospitals
  9. Management and Regulation of Hospital Costs
  10. Managed Care
  11. Long-Term Care
  12. Pharmaceuticals
  13. International Comparisons of Health and Health Expenditures
  14. Dynamics of Health Spending
Pre-test: Pre-reading assessment tool in multiple-choice format. Introduces chapter material and helps students get an idea of what they know and where they need to focus their efforts.