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Wiley Pathways Personal Computer Hardware Essentials

Wiley Pathways Personal Computer Hardware Essentials

David Groth, Ron Gilster, Megan Miller (With)

ISBN: 978-0-470-46079-5

Feb 2009

548 pages



From multicore CPUs and SATA hard drives to PCIe expansion buses and peripherals, this text offers practical and concise explanations of contemporary and popular PC hardware. Along with detailed coverage of essential A+ hardware topics, students will find an indispensable guide to building, maintaining, upgrading, and troubleshooting desktop computers and laptops.

Packaged Set (Text + PC Hardware Essentials Project Manual): 0470-221089

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1.   Understanding and Working with Personal Computers
2.   Electricity and Power
3.   Motherboards
4.   Central Processing Units
5.   Memory
6.   Bus Structures
7.   Hard Drives
8.   Removable Storage
9.   Input and Output Devices
10.  Printers
11.  Portable Systems
12.  Network Fundamentals
Project manual: Separate manual with 5 exercises per chapter helps students apply textbook concepts and skills in practical way