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Wiley Survey of Instrumentation and Measurement



Wiley Survey of Instrumentation and Measurement

Stephen A. Dyer

ISBN: 978-0-471-22165-4 April 2004 Wiley-IEEE Press 1112 Pages


In-depth coverage of instrumentation and measurement from the Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
The Wiley Survey of Instrumentation and Measurement features 97 articles selected from the Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, the one truly indispensable reference for electrical engineers. Together, these articles provide authoritative coverage of the important topic of instrumentation and measurement. This collection also, for the first time, makes this information available to those who do not have access to the full 24-volume encyclopedia. The entire encyclopedia is available online-visit for more details.
Articles are grouped under sections devoted to the major topics in instrumentation and measurement, including:
* Sensors and transducers
* Signal conditioning
* General-purpose instrumentation and measurement
* Electrical variables
* Electromagnetic variables
* Mechanical variables
* Time, frequency, and phase
* Noise and distortion
* Power and energy
* Instrumentation for chemistry and physics
* Interferometers and spectrometers
* Microscopy
* Data acquisition and recording
* Testing methods
The articles collected here provide broad coverage of this important subject and make the Wiley Survey of Instrumentation and Measurement a vital resource for researchers and practitioners alike
Instrumentation and Measurement--Introductory.

Sensors and Transducers.

Signal Conditioning.

General-Purpose Instrumentation and Measurement.

Electrical Variables.

Electromagnetic Variables.

Mechanical Variables.

Time, Frequency and Phase.

Noise and Distortion.

Power and Energy.

Instrumentation for Chemistry and Physics.

Interferometers and Spectrometers.


Data Acquisition and Recording.

Testing Methods.
"I suggest the Dyer volume will give the most satisfaction as a general catalogue of the subject." (Measurement & Control, November 2001)

"This book does contain a lot of material. For those people who are interested in the Wiley Encyclopedia, this book offers an alternative of getting essentially most of the information."
IEEE Circuits & Devices Magazine
November 2003