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Will Work for Fun: Three Simple Steps for Turning Any Hobby or Interest Into Cash

Will Work for Fun: Three Simple Steps for Turning Any Hobby or Interest Into Cash

Alan R. Bechtold

ISBN: 978-0-470-52771-9

Apr 2009

240 pages



Will Work for Fun presents a simple three-step process for turning your favorite hobby or interest into a reliable source of income. Why stay trapped in a job you hate, when you could turn your fun into your job? No matter what your interests are, Alan Bechtold will show you how to what you love into a real moneymaking career. Packed with stories, examples, exercises, and links to online resources, Will Work for Fun is the cure for another dull day at the office.

Acknowledgments ix

Foreword Dr. Joe Vitale xi

Prologue “Why Don’t They Stop?” xiii

A Million to One xiv

What Would You Do? xvi

We Can All Be Rock Stars xvii

Introduction The True Nature of Work xix

Round-the-Clock Non-Workaholic xx

Work: A Different View xxi

A Best-Selling Author’s Life—Without Writing a Word xxiii

Publishers Make the Real Money xxvii

About the Author xxix

CHAPTER 1 The Sitcom as Life 1

Why Your Life Never Matches What You See on the Screen—And How Easy It Is to Create a Life That Does 1

Inventorying Your Life Experience 14

Identifying Your Real Passion 17

Where You Are Now—And Why 23

Getting Where You Want to Be—Fast 31

FUN Money Profile: Erik D. Stafford 38

Wrap-Up 40

CHAPTER 2 Which Friend Are You? 43

Jenny Gets Started 44

A Different Definition of Work 46

Rachel, Monica, Chandler, or Ross? 50

What about Phoebe—Or Joey? 52

Discovering the Character You Really Play in Your Life 53

Reinventing the Character You Really Play in Your Life 56

FUN Money Profile: Jorge Arguello 59

Wrap-Up 61

CHAPTER 3 It All Starts with a Book 63

Free Fun Is Great Fun 64

Mail Boxed In 66

Plotting Your New Life 67

Storyboarding Your New Life: It’s like Planning a Screenplay—But a Lot Easier 71

Casting Call: Plugging In Your Character 75

Characters Count 78

Be Your Own Nielsen—Finding Out What Your Prospects Want to Buy before You Spend One Minute
Developing Anything 80

Planning the Happy Ending 84

FUN Money Profile: Lori Steffen and Jeff Wark 86

Wrap-Up 90

CHAPTER 4 Scripting the Pilot 93

A Small Social Experiment 94

If You Can Write—Great! 95

If You Can’t Write or Simply Don’t Want to Write—Great! 98

The Key to FUN Money: Think like a Publisher 100

Finding the Right Resources 104

Preselling the Fall Season 119

Selecting the Right Product/Promotional Mix 120

FUN Money Profile: Don Strinz 139

Wrap-Up 143

CHAPTER 5 The “Pitch” 147

Selling Isn’t Hard When You’re Selling You 147

Setting Your Marketing System Goals 148

You Have to Sell Free, Too 149

How to Create a Marketing Campaign That Will Attract Prospects 150

Mr. Whipple Really Knew His Marketing 151

A Driving Rain—of Prospects, Customers, and Cash 160

An Easy Marketing System for $200 or Less 160

Virtually Lock Out Any Potential Competitors 166

FUN Money Profile: Randy Charach 168

Wrap-Up 173

CHAPTER 6 The Payday That Never Ends 177

Recycling: It’s Not Just for Aluminum Cans 177

How to Repurpose Everything You Do 178

Your Newsletter—The Constant Marketer 180

Continue Developing and Finding New, Profitable Products and Services to Sell to Your Growing List of Fans 182

FUN Money Profile: C. J. Bronstrup 185

Wrap-Up 189

Epilogue 191

FUN Money Profile: Lee and Robin Collins 192

Afterword Mark Joyner 203

Index 205