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Willpower: Discover It, Use It and Get What You Want



Willpower: Discover It, Use It and Get What You Want

Ros Taylor

ISBN: 978-0-857-08721-8 January 2017 Capstone 176 Pages


Whip your self-control into shape

Willpower is the handbook you need for success in all areas of your life. Regardless of what you want to achieve, you need the strength to persevere, forge ahead and keep going no matter how tough it gets. If you find that you allow weakness to take control of getting what you want in life, then you need this book.

Written by an expert psychologist and executive coach, these proven techniques are the missing ingredient for your new life of success.

  • Learn the skills that lead to stronger willpower
  • Develop new positive habits in just three weeks
  • Overcome obstacles and break through barriers
  • Find the success you want, and hold on to it long-term

Researchers have found that willpower is a better predictor of life and work success than IQ. It's the skill that keeps you moving ahead, blowing past barriers and smashing through any obstacle that dares threaten your progress. It may be the most important skill you ever learn, and your most valuable tool for personal and professional success.

Preface ix

Questionnaires x

The Stories x

Your Willpower Challenge xi

What’s Inside xii

Final Thoughts xiv

Part One – The Essence of Willpower 1

Willpower Ingredients in Abby’s Story 3

Directions for Completing the Willpower Scale 4

The Willpower Scale 5

Willpower Research 8

Willpower is a Game of Two Brains 11

Willpower is a Limited Resource . . . or is it? 17

New Research to Challenge Willpower as a Limited Resource 19

Mark Masson on Willpower and Health 21

Part Two – Goals and Vision 23

Why Goals? 23

Goal Planning 28

Your Willpower Goals 30

How You Learn 34

Motivation 43

A Theory of Motivation 44

Remember Your Goals 46

Inspiring You Toward Your Willpower Challenge 51

Part Three – New Habits for Old 55

Origins of Willpower with Graham Allen 57

Ego States 60

The Willpower Stage of Habit Formation 62

The Extinction Burst 64

Mini and Multiple Habits 68

Alternatively, Start Big 71

Becoming Failure Proof 72

Elite Performers and 10 000 Hours of Repetition 74

Good Habits Made Easy 77

Part Four – The Willpower Mindset 87

So How Can We All Acquire a Murray Mindset? 88

Reality Thinking 101

Externalise Your Thinking 103

Useful Thinking 104

Achieve a Willpower Mindset 105

Part Five – Willpower and Work 113

Self-Awareness 115

Skills for Business Success 120

Create: The Process for Organisational Change 137

Pilot 140

Launch 140

Coach 141

Evaluate 141

The Willpower of Your Own Business 142

How to Stick to Your Willpower Challenge at Work 152

Final Thoughts 155

Highlights 156

Acknowledgements 157

About the Author 159