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Win-Win Negotiating: Turning Conflict Into Agreement

Win-Win Negotiating: Turning Conflict Into Agreement

Fred E. Jandt

ISBN: 978-0-471-85877-5

Mar 1987

312 pages

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In this conversation with his co-author, Paul Gillette, Dr. Jandt tells you how to use the same negotiating techniques and tactics used by people whose job is managing conflict--labor negotiators, diplomats and corporate managers. Get what you want and win allies, with ``win-win'' negotiating techniques. Here are the same methods used by people whose jobs are managing conflict--labor negotiators, diplomats, and top corporate managers--and how to put them to work for you in everyday business situations.

1 I Want, You Want: Or the Sicilian Stalemate and how to avoid it 1

2 How do you deal with conflict 7

3 Beyond evil and illness: Old and new ideas about conflict within organizations 23

4 Why conflict is inevitable within organizations 29

5 One is not enough: Or identifying the sources of conflict 63

6 On the escalator: Or how small conflicts quickly become large ones 75

7 Destructive and productive uses of conflict 101

8 An exercise in dealing with conflict 119

9 Getting past “Yes” or the theoretically perfect resolution of any conflict 129

10 Negotiating from strength: Or how to get others to give you power to resolve a conflict 155

11 How professional negotiators operate: Positional bargaining versus interest bargaining 179

12 The mini-max strategy: Or what should I give and what should I get? 199

13 Determining your opponent’s mini-max 217

14 Unpacking: Or how to find multiple ways to help your opponents get a good deal 229

15 Undoing, tokening, bone-throwing, issue substitution: And other paths to pacification 249

16 The hardball negotiator: Or how to fight dirty when you have to 263

17 It’s not always easy: but it’s usually possible 295

Index 299