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Window Treatments

Window Treatments

Karla J. Nielson

ISBN: 978-0-471-28946-3

Sep 1989

456 pages

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This text provides information on using windows to best advantage. Readers will find instructions on calculating, specifying, and installing hard and soft window treatments, plus residential and non-residential treatments.

Foreword by John A. Clark ix

Acknowledgements xi

Introduction xiii

1 Using the Window to the Best Advantage 1

2 Why Cover the Window 27

3 Popular Window Styles: How to Treat Them 43

4 Period Window Treatments 99

5 Soft Window Treatments 163

6 Calculating, Specifying, and Installing Soft Window Treatments 213

7 Hard Windows Treatments 251

8 Hard and Soft: Combining Window Treatments 289

9 Business Matters: Residential and Nonresidential 301

Sources, Terminology, and References 319

Appendices 323

Glossaries 381

Bibliography 411

Index 421