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Windows Home Server For Dummies

Woody Leonhard

ISBN: 978-0-470-18592-6 November 2007 357 Pages


If you work in an office, you probably don’t lose much sleep worrying about whether your files are safe if your PC melts down. Company IT departments handle those things for business networks. But how about all those precious photos, address lists, the family genealogy, and everything else that lives on your home network? Windows Home Server can save the day if one of your personal PCs hiccups, and Windows Home Server For Dummies serves up all the stuff you need to know to put it to work.

Forget everything you’ve heard about previous versions of Windows Server; this all-new variation has been designed for people who don’t wear white lab coats or pocket protectors. Woody Leonhard has tested it and it passed with flying colors. If you have a home or small business network, this book shows you how Windows Home Server helps you

  • Share files among all the PCs in your home
  • Access your files from anywhere
  • Make regular backups automatically
  • Store files securely
  • Play music, TV shows, or movies on your Xbox
  • Share multimedia across your network
  • Keep your virus protection and system upgrades up to date
  • Get regular reports on the overall health of your network

Windows Home Server For Dummies provides sage advice on choosing a version of Windows Home Server, installing it, setting up users and passwords, using remote access, scheduling automatic scans and backups, and having fun with multimedia.   Trust Woody— you’ll sleep better.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Windows Home Server to Serve 7

Chapter 1: Bringing Windows Home Server to Life 9

Chapter 2: Installing the WHS Software 27

Part II: Setting Up the Network 37

Chapter 3: Bringing Computers into the Home Server Fold 39

Chapter 4: Adding Users and Controlling Passwords 55

Chapter 5: Using Built-In Shared Folders 75

Part III: Making the Most of Multimedia 95

Chapter 6: Sharing Music and Videos 97

Chapter 7: Recording and Playing TV 113

Chapter 8: Streaming with the Xbox 129

Chapter 9: Nailing Down Your Photos 141

Part IV: Sharing in the Wild 163

Chapter 10: Starting Remote Access 165

Chapter 11: Using Remote Access 189

Part V: Backing Up 205

Chapter 12: Running Backups 207

Chapter 13: Restoring a Dead Computer from Backup 229

Chapter 14: Restoring Files from Backup 241

Chapter 15: Backing Up the Server 255

Part VI: Staying Alive and Well 265

Chapter 16: Monitoring System Health 267

Chapter 17: Breaking into the Server 277

Chapter 18: Adding and Retiring Drives 293

Chapter 19: Repairing and Recovering the Server 305

Part VII: The Part of Tens 319

Chapter 20: Top Ten Health Traps Triaged 321

Chapter 21: Ten More Tricks with Windows Home Server 331

Index 341