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Windows Vista Secrets, SP1 Edition

Windows Vista Secrets, SP1 Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-43013-2

Oct 2008

982 pages

Select type: E-Book


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  • Follows the highly successful first edition with over 25% more content, including extensive coverage of the latest update, Service Pack 1
  • Addresses a huge market of consumers eager to learn about hidden gems and secrets in Vista and SP1
  • Covers features that are not disclosed in Microsoft's books or help files
  • A highly connected and qualified author has gathered information from an extensive network of Windows beta testers and thousands of readers, as well as conducted his own experiments on the new OS
  • New chapters cover personalizing and configuring Vista, networking, Zune, Vista and ultra-mobile PCs, Windows Home Server, and many more new topics

Read This First.

Part I: Surviving Setup.

Chapter 1: Selecting the Right Vista Version.

Chapter 2: Installing or Upgrading to Windows Vista.

Chapter 3: Hardware and Software Compatibility.

Part II: The Windows Vista User Experience.

Chapter 4: What’s New in the Windows Vista User Interface.

Chapter 5: Where’s My Stuff? Finding and Organizing Files.

Chapter 6: Using Windows Sidebar.

Chapter 7: Personalizing and Confi guring Windows Vista.

Part III: Security.

Chapter 8: Vista Security Features.

Chapter 9: Users, Accounts, and UAC.

Chapter 10: Windows Vista Networking.

Part IV: Digital Media and Entertainment.

Chapter 11: Windows Media Player.

Chapter 12: Zune: A Digital Media Alternative.

Chapter 13: Enjoying Digital Photos.

Chapter 14: Digital Videos and DVD Movies.

Chapter 15: Vista in the Living Room: Windows Media Center.

Chapter 16: Having Fun: Games and Vista.

Part V: Mobility.

Chapter 17: Vista to Go: Windows Vista Mobility Features.

Chapter 18: Using Tablet PCs and Ultra-Mobile PCs.

Part VI: Internet and Networking.

Chapter 19: Browsing the Web.

Chapter 20: Managing E-mail and Contacts.

Chapter 21: Turning It Up a Notch with Microsoft’s Live Services.

Part VII: Home Offi ce/Power User.

Chapter 22: Managing Your Schedule with Windows Calendar.

Chapter 23: Keeping Your Data Safe.

Chapter 24: Automating Windows Vista with Windows PowerShell.

Chapter 25: Beyond Vista: Managing Multiple PCs.