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Windows Vista Security: Securing Vista Against Malicious Attacks

Windows Vista Security: Securing Vista Against Malicious Attacks

Roger A. Grimes, Jesper M. Johansson

ISBN: 978-0-470-10155-1

Jul 2007

582 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Written by two veteran Windows security experts—one a Microsoft Security MVP and Foundstone Security Consultant, and the other a former senior member of Microsoft's Security Engineering Team—this essential resource prepares end users and technical administrators to handle various security problems that exist in Windows Vista as well as possible future threats. Offering in-depth coverage of all significant new security technologies in Windows Vista, this book addresses User Account Control, the new Firewall, Internet Explorer 7.0, Windows Defender, Service Hardening, and BitLocker.



Part I Introducing Windows Vista.

Chapter 1 New Security Features.

Chapter 2 How Hackers Attack.

Chapter 3 Windows Infrastructure.

Part II Host-Based Security.

Chapter 4 User Account Control.

Chapter 5 Managing Access Control.

Chapter 6 Application Security.

Chapter 7 Vista Client Protection.

Part III Securing Internet and E-mail Access.

Chapter 8 Securing Internet Explorer.

Chapter 9 Introducing IIS 7.

Chapter 10 Protecting E-mail.

Part IV Securing Windows Networks.

Chapter 11 Managing Windows Firewall.

Chapter 12 Server and Domain Isolation.

Chapter 13 Wireless Security.

Part V Group Policy and Best Practices.

Chapter 14 Using Group Policy.

Chapter 15 Thinking about Security.

Appendix A Building a Windows PE Boot Disk.

Appendix B References.


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