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Windows Vista Ultimate Bible

Windows Vista Ultimate Bible

ISBN: 978-0-470-37745-1

Feb 2008

792 pages

Select type: E-Book


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The ultimate book on the ultimate Vista for gamers and digital media buffs.

If you're the ultimate gamer and multimedia fan, Windows Vista Ultimate and this information-packed book are for you. Want to launch games with a single click? Share files with your Xbox 360? Try out new audio and media tools? It's all here and then some. You'll find step-by-step tutorials, techniques, and hacks-plus in-depth discussions of games, gaming, performance tips, and much more. Whether you're a veteran Windows gearhead or just getting started, this is the book you need!

  • Try out the new Aero Glass user interface and new desktop features.
  • Set up your graphics card, sound card, and speakers.
  • Keep Vista secure with stronger firewall and family safety settings.
  • Meet the new DirectX with 32-bit floating point audio and high-speed DLLs.
  • Share multimedia across a network with ease.
  • Enrich your audio with crossfade, shuffle, and volume leveling.
  • Get up to speed on the new Media Center and Media Player 11.
  • Use the Universal Controller and WinSAT for gaming.
  • Find out how to run Windows(r) XP games on Vista.
  • Edit video like a pro.



Part I: Getting Started with Windows Vista Ultimate.

Chapter 1: Introducing the New Windows Operating System.

Chapter 2: Installing Windows Vista Ultimate.

Chapter 3: Navigating Windows Vista Ultimate.

Chapter 4: Basic Settings You Can’t Overlook.

Chapter 5: Customizing Vista’s Look and Feel.

Chapter 6: Games and Programs Included with Windows Vista Ultimate.

Part II: The Windows Vista Interface.

Chapter 7: Choosing an Interface.

Chapter 8: Exploring Interface Features.

Part III: Support, Stability, and Security.

Chapter 9: Getting Help.

Chapter 10: Keeping Windows Vista Stable.

Chapter 11: Keeping Windows Vista Secure.

Part IV: Networking and the Internet.

Chapter 12: Building a Home Network.

Chapter 13: Internet Applications.

Part V: Gaming and Multimedia Enhancements.

Chapter 14: Gaming and Audio Enhancements.

Chapter 15: The New DirectX.

Chapter 16: Windows Media Center.

Chapter 17: Windows Media Player 11.

Part VI: Music, Movies, Video, and Audio.

Chapter 18: Digital Music Guide.

Chapter 19: Watching Video Through Vista.

Chapter 20: Editing Video with Windows Movie Maker.

Part VII: Gaming on Windows Vista Ultimate.

Chapter 21: Introduction to Windows Vista Gaming.

Chapter 22: Installing Games (and Other Programs).

Chapter 23: Optimizing Games for Performance and Visuals.

Chapter 24: Game Options, Conventions, Controllers, and Updates.

Chapter 25: Game Compatibility Issues.

Chapter 26: Integrating Windows Vista with the Xbox 360.

Part VIII: Under the Hood: Tweaking Windows Vista.

Chapter 27: Optimizing for Gaming and Multimedia.

Chapter 28: Tweaking Windows Vista Ultimate for Peak Performance.

Appendix: Maintaining Windows Vista Ultimate.