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Windows and Linux Integration: Hands-on Solutions for a Mixed Environment

Windows and Linux Integration: Hands-on Solutions for a Mixed Environment

Jeremy Moskowitz, Thomas Boutell

ISBN: 978-0-782-14428-4

Sep 2005

540 pages

Select type: Paperback

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* Don't Just Cope With Your Mixed-Environment Problems-Solve Them
* Maximize Productivity and Lower Costs by Strategically Combining the Strengths of Linux and Windows
* Leverage Windows Resources from Linux, and Linux Resources from Windows
* Meet All Your Remote and Terminal Connection Challenges with the Right Solutions


For all those who talk of a war between Windows and Linux, there are others-like yourself-who ask, "Can't we all just work together?" As Windows & Linux Integration demonstrates, it's possible, and a lot easier than you think.

It doesn't matter whether you know Windows better than Linux or vice versa. This book shows you how to make the most of Linux in a Windows environment, and the most of Windows in a Linux environment. Written by two industry-recognized experts, one from the Windows world, one from the Linux world, they will guide you with practical, hands-on instruction and detailed examples that show you how to get the job done.

Coverage includes:
* Welcoming Linux clients and servers into an existing Windows Active Directory
* Integrating Windows clients into existing Linux directory services
* Making Windows printers available to Linux clients-and vice versa
* Integrating and unifying email services for Linux and Windows clients
* Using Linux as a spam- and virus-killing machine to reduce Exchange's workload
* Running Windows applications on Linux with VMware, WINE, Bochs, coLinux, and CrossOver Office
* Using open-source porting projects to run Linux applications in Window
* Integrating Linux DNS with Active Director
* Creating web applications that work flawlessly on Linux and Windows clients
* Setting up a universal locator service for finding files on Windows and Linux machines
* Creating cross-platform, multi-user terminal servers using Windows and Linux servers for Linux and Windows clients
* Remotely controlling Windows machines from Linux machines-and vice-versa

Introduction xvi

Chapter 1 Installation and Getting Around 1

Chapter 2 Linux Authentication Services 71

Chapter 3 Authenticating Linux Clients to Active Directory 147

Chapter 4 File Sharing between Windows and Linux 195

Chapter 5 Printer Sharing between Windows and Linux 265

Chapter 6 Practical Windows Exchange and Linux Postfix E-mail Integration 307

Chapter 7 Application and desktop Compatibility 353

Chapter 8 Remote, Terminal, and Assisted Computing for Windows and Linux 383

Chapter 9 Windows and Linux Network Interoperability 425

Chapter 10 Web Interoperability 469

Index 509

Web Appendix pdf
Windows 2003/R2 Updates Procedures