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Winning Clients in a Wired World: Seven Strategies for Growing Your Business Using Technology and the Web

Winning Clients in a Wired World: Seven Strategies for Growing Your Business Using Technology and the Web

Kip Gregory

ISBN: 978-0-471-24975-7

Mar 2004

288 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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A valuable guide to making technology work for your business
Now that the Internet bubble has burst, financial service professionals are looking for more realistic ways to use technology to their advantage. J. K. Lasser Pro Taming Technology offers easy and effective methods to do just that. This comprehensive guide puts what's available today in technology into a cohesive framework-one that offers a systematic way to think about and implement technology-to build and strengthen relationships with clients and prospects. J. K. Lasser Pro Taming Technology is a valuable resource for financial service professionals seeking clear, practical advice on using technology and the Internet to acquire and retain profitable business. This book provides readers with easy-to-use ideas and techniques to successfully incorporate technology into their business promotion.

Getting Started 1

Some Explanations 3

And Some Encouragement 5

What to Do Right Now 5

What to Keep on Doing 6

The Most Important Thing to Keep in Mind 8

Chapter 1 Keep What’s Critical at Your Fingertips 9

The Knowledge Journal Concept 10

Getting Set up 11

A Shortcut for Faster Access 18

Working Your Journal 21

Organizing Content 24

Building a Group Knowledge Bank 26

Chapter 2 Achieve Breakthroughs Systematically 31

Identifying Opportunities 34

Three Steps to Improvement 37

Technology’s Role 40

The Money Value of Time 44

The Economics of Your Business 45

Inspecting What You Expect 46

Growth, Change, and the Nautilus 46

Chapter 3 Work the Web for All It’s Worth 49

Prospecting Online 50

What to Look For 60

Directories Worth Digging Into 64

What You Need, When You Want It . . . Automatically 68

The Language of Search 72

Turbocharging Your Browser 78

Beyond Google 90

Chapter 4 Build Relationships Through Better Communication 93

How Good Are you? 94

Seven Steps to Improvement 95

The Pros and Cons of E-Mail  104

Effective E-Mail Strategies 107

Mastering the Electronic Medium 111

The Affluent + The Internet = Opportunity 114

101 Ways to Get Closer to Clients 116

Chapter 5 Present Yourself Professionally 121

Plan Your Presentation 121

A Quick Lesson in Powerpoint 123

Design Dos and Don’ts 128

Using Screen Shots 131

Repurposing Content 136

Looking Good in Print 138

Preparing “Digital” Handouts 140

Setting Up to Present 141

Delivering Your Message 143

Help with Public Speaking 145

The Value of Feedback 146

Useful Resources 148

Presenting Over the Internet 150

Chapter 8 Automate Time-Consuming Tasks 157

Tame Your Inbox 158

Keep Contact Information Up-to-Date 162

Manage Frequently Used Content 163

Streamline Your Marketing 168

Keyboard Shortcuts 170

Let Macros do the Work 184

Add Ins for Excel and Word 187

Chapter 7 Get the Help You Need to Succeed 191

Resources Hiding in Plain Sight 192

Virtual Assistance 192

Interns: Affordable Workers, Eager to Learn 194

Streamlining Interviews and Selection 196

Finding Freelancers 199

Leveraging Vendors 201

Learning Resources 204

Chapter 8 Assembling Your Toolkits 209

Avoiding Disaster 210

Productivity Tools and Utilities 215

Where to Get the Inside Scoop 219

Buying Hardware 223

Upgrading Software 225

Resolving Technical Troubles 226

Chapter 9 The Chat Room 231

Chapter 10 Where Do I Go from Here? 239

Appendix A Using Technology to Build a Better Sales Force 243

Appendix B Worksheets 251

Glossary 263

Acknowledgements 271

Index 273