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Winning at Internet Poker For Dummies

Mark Harlan, Chris Derossi

ISBN: 978-0-764-57833-5 February 2005 268 Pages


Take poker online the fun and easy way!

Five years ago, 50 million people were playing poker recreationally or professionally. Now that number is more than 100 million, including a huge influx of young people. Online betting is up nearly four-fold over the past year, with total wagers running over $30 billion. Winning at Internet Poker For Dummies provides the lowdown on the hottest game around, highlighting the best sites and virtual games and showing how to make secure online bets. The book covers setting up an account, securing funds, navigating a basic online poker game, using Internet abbreviations and lingo, observing online poker etiquette, playing popular online poker games such as Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha, devising a winning strategy, and participating in tournaments.

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Introduction 1

Part I: Internet Poker Basics 7

Chapter 1: Creating a Winning Combination: Poker, the Internet, and You 9

Chapter 2: Getting Online and Choosing a Site 17

Chapter 3: Putting Internet Poker’s Nuances to Work in Your Play 35

Chapter 4: Taking Your Cash to Cyberspace — Safely 55

Part II: Taking Your Poker to a New Level — The Cyber Level 67

Chapter 5: Adapting to a New World: Internet Poker 69

Chapter 6: Figuring Out Your Opponents (Without Them Figuring Out You) 89

Chapter 7: Exploring Your Online Game Options 107

Chapter 8: Building Your Online Poker Skills (Without Going Broke) 125

Chapter 9: Strategies for Short-Handed Ring Games 135

Part III: Taking Over Tournaments 147

Chapter 10: Perusing Your Online Tournament Options 149

Chapter 11: Clueing in to Tournament Chip Standings 165

Chapter 12: Winning Single-Table Tournaments 177

Chapter 13: When Your Chips Are Flying: Single-Table Strategies 193

Part IV: The Part of Tens 207

Chapter 14: Ten Common Internet Poker Mistakes 209

Chapter 15: Ten Things to Keep in Mind in the Heat of Battle 215

Chapter 16: Ten Great Internet Poker Resources 219

Chapter 17: Ten Mistakes to Avoid during Live Action 225

Appendix: Glossary 231

Index 233

"easy-to-follow guide" and also "great value" (The Manx Independent, July 2006)