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Winning at Service: Lessons from Service Leaders

Winning at Service: Lessons from Service Leaders

Waldemar Schmidt, Gordon Adler, Els van Weering

ISBN: 978-0-470-84823-4 April 2003 200 Pages


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This book reveals the Secrets to Service Success by analyzing four service companies
that grew from small beginnings to the leaders in their industries. Interviews with the four CEOs who guided the companies to their success reveal the three basic principles they all share. The CEOs interviewed are Thomas Berglund of Securitas and J. Philip Sorensen of Group4Falck, the world's two largest security companies, Francis Mackay of Compass plc and Pierre Bellon of Sodexho Alliance, the world's two largest food service companies.

Foreword ix

Acknowledgements xiii

1 Introduction 1

The Investigation 5

The Framework 6

How this Book is Organized 8

2 The Journey to Leadership 9

The Challenge 9

Four Journeys to Leadership 12

Signposts 2002 33

Four Companies: Four Winning Traits 37

3 Pick Your Game and Play it 39

Decide What You Want to Do 41

Follow a Simple, Replicable Business Model 49

Use Simple, Transparent Performance Measures 58

Questions for Service Leaders 61

4 Leadership at the Heart 63

Visionary Industry Shapers 67

Passionate and Inspirational Leaders 80

True Entrepreneurs 93

Intimate Business Knowledge 97

Questions for Service Leaders 98

5 Passion for People 101

Recruit 106

Integrate and Develop 111

Retain 122

Build Partnerships with Unions and Works Councils 132

Questions for Service Leaders 135

6 Keep It Simple 137

Flat Organization and Decentralized Decision-Making 138

Small Head Office 143

Questions for Service Leaders 147

7 Winning at Service: Final Words 149

Win by Relinquishing Power 153

Win with the Right Outlook 154

Win at Golf: Play with a Full Bag 159

Win by Turning Non-Core into Core 160

Can all Companies Win? 161

Assa Abloy: Lessons from a Non-Service Winner 166

How Large Can Winners Be? 167

Appendix 171

Index 175

  • Unique topic - looks in depth at the business practices of the security and food services industry, a topic not explored by a business book as to date
  • Features practical tools and techniques to help executives and managers of any organization meet their bottom line and build great teams
  • Includes executive summaries, quotations from CEOs, financial and historical data, lessons learned, checklists, and anecdotes